Lubbock Christian University

Christian Perspectives in Leadership

A Trip to Dallas Investigating Faith in Business

2023 Summer trip for high school students. June 18-21

Meet or travel with the LCU School of Business faculty and university students to visit with DFW business leaders and hear how they live out their faith in their profession. Open to high school students entering their junior or senior year.


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Learn About the Trip

this is a trip that we call Christian perspectives in leadership it's a trip for any of our students that want to go and it's a trip designed to get them out of the classroom and get them in front of Christian business leaders who are very successful in the professional life and also live lives of great faith we're able to build software's Airlines and spent an entire day there headquarters and that was tried at Love Field we were able to meet CEO Gary Kelly of Southwest which is a great experience for students and faculty and everybody on the trip again to talk about life of faith and a professional life and to show our students that experience we had a great time with Interstate Batteries in the morning with a handful of their managers and leaders talked about their lives of faith their work and how those two complement each other and how they come together [Music] we're not just here to teach business or finance accounting economics but the School of Business is also about the life of faith and sometimes people feel like when you go into a business there is no faith there's no Christianity really the purpose of this trip is to show that in every business there are Christians that are people of faith that are working they're successful and they don't have to leave their faith at the door but they take it in with them it's in their office it's who they are and that's what we want for our graduates to know that when they leave here they're leaving with everything that we have given to them which is the this main idea that they can be very successful businesspeople and faithful at the same time there's no contradiction and they complement each other it's really what we're trying to do when we bring students in as freshmen as sophomores juniors and seniors when they graduate we try to send them out that same message