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Children's Minister - Broadway Church of Christ - Lubbock, TX

Availability: Oct. 19, 2021 - Dec. 19, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Primary Objective
To provide leadership in creating and sustaining an environment that facilitates and nurtures the spiritual growth of Broadway children and families.

·    Minimum requirements: At least a bachelor’s degree in a biblically-related field of study and experience working with children/teens. (2+ years preferred)
·    Variances may be considered according to demonstrated exceptional abilities.

Major Areas of Responsibility
1)    Actively develop and work with a team of adults who collaborate in shaping the direction of the ministry and in facilitating ministry classes and events.
2)    Create, implement, and communicate a vision for children’s ministry that thoughtfully considers the direction set by the elders for Broadway Church of Christ.
3)    Cultivate a culture of mutual respect, collaboration with all leaders, volunteers, and families as well as promote and participate in healthy conflict management.

Bible Classes
1)    Choose appropriate curricula resources that facilitate the vision for children’s ministry in collaboration with other ministry leaders.
2)    Ensure that a system is in place so that all volunteers and materials necessary for Bible classes are provided in a timely manner.
3)    Implement a system of information management that accurately records vital ministry needs (i.e. volunteer rosters and assignments). 
4)    Maintain a balance between teaching and coordinating Bible classes.

Special Events
1)    Coordinate, facilitate, and execute special events that reflect and embody the core values of Broadway: pursuing God, building community, and unleashing compassion.
2)    Ensure that every event is advertised, organized, resourced, and staffed with excellence.

1)    Create, articulate, and execute a clear and consistent communication plan for all Children’s Ministry activities, events, and Bible classes.
2)    Regularly correspond with children so that they know that they are valued members of the Broadway church family.

1)    Encourage and equip parents to take the lead as the primary influence in the spiritual formation of their child(ren).
2)    Collaborate and coordinate with the youth minister in providing classes, resources, and events to equip and encourage the spiritual formation of families. 
3)    Provide pastoral care to children, parents, and volunteers as needed.

Other Tasks
1)    Partner with church staff to articulate and execute coherent and consistent child protection policies.
2)    Collaborate with the Preaching and Worship ministers to: communicate the importance of children’s ministry to the congregation, create intergenerational ministry opportunities, and create opportunities for children and families to participate in Sunday morning worship services.

Personal Qualities
1.    Desires, pursues, and exemplifies a personal life that is led by God’s Spirit and God’s word.
2.    Demonstrates ability to articulate, and execute a contextualized children’s ministry program.
3.    Enjoys working with children and their families, exemplifying a warm and hospitable personality that invites and builds relationships.
4.    Exhibits maturity in working with children and their parents/families; understanding the culture that they inhabit.
5.    Works harmoniously, collaboratively, and effectively with others.
6.    Exhibits good stewardship of time and resources; demonstrates initiative in meeting goals and fulfilling responsibilities (i.e. self-starter).
7.    Possesses a servant heart, compassion, and empathy.
8.    Demonstrates excellent interpersonal communication skills: is a motivating and passionate communicator of God’s word, a good problem solver, and a conflict negotiator.
9.    Pursues regular professional development opportunities.
10.    Actively prioritizes and utilizes resources to nurture spiritual and mental health.

The Children’s Minister will report directly to the Preaching Minister, who will provide general oversight and supervision to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Children’s Ministry are in accord with the Elders’ vision and direction. 

Karl Ihfe:
Shannon Rains:

Organization: Broadway Church of Christ
Organization Location: Lubbock, Texas

Who to contact

Name: Shannon Rains
Address: 1924 Broadway St.
Lubbock, TX  79401