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DEAF MINISTER- Legacy Church of Christ- Richland Hills, TX

Availability: September 6, 2023 - December 6, 2023
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Full Time Deaf Minister
The Legacy Church of Christ in N. Richland Hills, TX is actively searching for a deaf, energetic and spiritually-focused man with 3-5 years ministry experience and a minimum of a bachelor’s-level ministry degree to fill our Deaf Minister position.  This full-time staff position includes preaching, teaching, program development, outreach, volunteer recruitment & involvement, and the oversight of deaf member spiritual development needed to ensure successful and growing deaf ministries.  Our Deaf Ministry started over 45 years ago and has continued to grow in the grace of our Lord.
Our congregation is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, approximately 20 minutes north of Fort Worth in the North Richland Hills area. We currently have approximately 1000+ members which includes our deaf brothers and sisters that have approximately 75 members on the church roll.
If you are interested or know of an experienced deaf minister that would like to apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to our minister search committee. We will respond back and provide additional information on the candidate process for this minister position.
Job Requirements: Job Title: Deaf Minister
Legacy Church of Christ Job Description
Accountable To: Eldership
General Observation
The Deaf Minister sets the tone for the Deaf Ministries at Legacy. This full-time staff position includes preaching, teaching, program development, volunteer recruitment & involvement, and the oversight of deaf member spiritual development needed to ensure successful and growing deaf ministries.
Essential Job Functions
1. Developing and coordinating diverse and effective Deaf Worship. (35%)
• Prepares sermon each week or secures a replacement when having a Sunday off.
• Help plan for and schedule leaders for the deaf worship service.
• Encourage participation with full congregation for worship the last Sunday of each month.
• Perform outreach functions to help grow the Deaf Ministry.
2. Developing and coordinating a diverse and effective Education program. (30%)
• Establishes goals for deaf members' spiritual development through curriculum development and implementation.
• Teaching Bible classes and coordinates and trains other teachers to teach.
• Plans devotionals and activities to support goals for members' spiritual development.
• Encourages and supports participation in all church-related activities not directly sponsored by the Deaf Ministry.
• Encourages Deaf Ministry involvement in events and activities.
3. Assisting in developing and coordinating a diverse and effective Organizational Structure for deaf ministries. (25%)
• Operates the Legacy Deaf Ministry under the guidance of assigned shepherds.
• Reports administratively and is employed by the Legacy elders.
• Establishes open and effective means of communication with members, leadership, and congregation.
• Provides ministerial counseling to deaf persons in all age groups.
• Recruits, delegates, and motivates congregational involvement and leadership in Deaf Ministry activities.
The remainder of their time (10%) would be spent in such areas as:
a. Work in close collaboration and cooperation with ministerial and office staff.
b. Conducts weddings, funerals, etc., as requested.
c. Grow professionally by attending continuing education and local networking events.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Passion for involving and supervising others that is focused on God.
• Excellent people and interpersonal skills.
• Knowledge of the Bible and the ability to apply biblical/theological principles to deaf ministry settings.
• Ability to communicate clearly through the use of American Sign Language, and to communicate effectively with hearing persons.
• Ability to inspire and motivate people to serve with excellence.
• Passion for ministry and Christian service.
• Effective team player in the oversight of the Deaf Ministry.
Education and Experience
· 3 to 5 years of experience as a staff member in a church ministry leadership capacity.
· A bachelor's-level ministry or closely-related degree preferred.
Standards for Ministry
Legacy's Deaf Minister must exhibit a strong faith and commitment to God and His Word, his own family, the Legacy Church of Christ family and its' heritage. We expect him to build strong personal relationships and help the Legacy Church of Christ continue to grow into the future according to God's Word along with the ideals and principles set forth in the employee handbook, while respectfully working within the organizational structure outlined by the eldership of the Legacy Church of Christ.

Organization: Legacy Church of Christ
Organization Location: Richland Hills, TX

Who to contact

Name: David McTee
Address: 8801 Mid-Cities Blvd, N. Richland Hills, Texas, 76180