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Family & Youth Minister - Fairmont Park Church of Christ - Midland, TX

Availability: Sep. 3, 2021 - Dec. 3, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: PREFERRED START DATE: Negotiable (prefer on or before January 1, 2022) 


1. Member of the Church of Christ with a strong Bible background. 
2. Minimum of 3 years’ experience in family or youth ministry, preaching, or related Church work preferred. 
3. Bachelor’s Degree in Bible (or Youth Ministry) or Bible related training program and/or equivalent experience preferred. 
4. Passion for God’s Word, the Church, Families, Youth and Seeking the Lost 
5. The ability to apply Biblical principles in everyday application. 
6. Self-starter who is detailed, task oriented and a hard worker. 
7. Lives a Biblically patterned life that is both morally sound and disciplined. 
8. Demonstrated success in developing positive relationships with young people, families, and congregations. 


The Fairmont Park Church of Christ (Midland, TX) is looking for a Family and Youth Minister Our family and youth minister will demonstrate a proven ability to work with families and teens. The primary objective of this position is to ground our teens in God’s word through a rigorous and deep study of the Bible. We believe it is critical to involve our families and the congregation in this work. We seek a leader who is equipped to assist families with raising Godly teens by providing parents with encouragement, direction, and guidance for studying with their children at home. From a theological standpoint, the Fairmont Park Elders, believe the youth ministry program exists to support Biblical studies that occur at the home with parents first. In turn, the youth ministers’ job is to support the Bible teachings initially taught at home by way of rigorous study and discussion of the Word during their time at Church (Deuteronomy 6:3-8). Essentially, we do not believe that the position exists for parents to outsource their responsibility to the Church. With that said, community outreach is critical to this position. We are looking for someone who is passionate about seeking and saving the lost through individual and group Bible studies (Matthew 28:16-20). We are looking for someone with the skillset and passion to bring the two ministries together. Below is a list of primary responsibilities regarding this position: 

1. Teach our teens to love and serve God through a rigorous and deep study of the Bible. 
2. Assist families with raising God-fearing teens by providing parents with encouragement, direction, and guidance for studying with their children at home. 
3. He must have a strong desire to work alongside our parents to help serve, lead, and mentor children of all ages to grow closer to God and each other. 
4. Teach classes involving teens on Sunday mornings/evenings and Wednesday. 
5. He must be passionate about seeking and saving the lost through individual and group Bible studies. 
6. Engage families and develop relationship that foster parental involvement. 
7. Develop programs which will integrate appropriate age groups with the entire church. 
8. Work in partnership with Senior Preacher and the staff including weekly planning session and attend meetings of the Fairmont Park Church of elders (when necessary). 
9. Work in harmony with the ministry team, staff and eldership in the development and spiritual growth of the Church. 
10. Be excellent at volunteer recruitment and developing a healthy leader culture, including discipleship, leader training, and leader appreciation initiatives. 
11. Teach our young men and women to be service oriented and Christ minded. 
12. May be called on to preach in the absence of the Senior Preacher periodically 


13. He should be well organized, able to plan/coordinate various youth activities and spiritual growth opportunities throughout the course of the year (i.e., coordinate, youth mission trips, camps, retreats, and conferences). 
14. Coordinate, organize, prepare, oversee youth activities and be proficient with technology and social media. 
15. Take an active role in helping to plan, organize and participate in LTC & VBS. 
16. Be detail oriented in oversight of and working with Children’s ministry leaders and member volunteers to ensure a strong K-12 curriculum is in place and aligned to the Bible Education objectives as outlined above. 

JOB DESCRIPTION: The final Family & Youth Minister job description will be worked out and finalized with the selected candidate; however, the position involves the above-mentioned objectives with a focus on teaching youth classes, encouraging members toward spiritual growth, special emphasis on community outreach, and on teaching. 

SALARY RANGE: Generous Compensation Package (negotiable based upon experience) 

REPORTS TO: Elders and Senior Preacher 

HOW TO APPLY: Those interested in applying should send a letter of interest, resume with references, philosophy of Biblical education and, if available, attach files or links to any class teachings, sermons, podcasts or other audio/video material to Fairmont Park Church of Christ via email to Feel free to contact our offices for additional information at (432) 699-7064.

Job Requirements: Thorough knowledge of the Bible and the ability to present it with theological depth and conviction. Ability and willingness to reach out to the youth, parents/families and into the community to find opportunities to spread the knowledge of salvation through Christ, and to coordinate and assist other members in doing the same. 

Organization: Fairmont Park Church of Christ
Organization Location: Midland, Texas

Who to contact

Name: Mike Crowley
Phone: 432.699.7064
Address: 3813 N. Midland Dr.
Midland, TX  79707