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Full Time Minister- Goodwood Church of Christ- Baton Rouge, LA

Availability: Apr 19, 2023- Jul 19, 2023
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Responsibilities of the position include: Preaching from God's Word twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday, ministering to the congregation, maintain regular office hours, visitation of sick and shut in, supporting the work of the Elders, community outreach, and heading up various programs.
Job Requirements: College level education preferred with first consideration given to degree from Christian universities. A man who is a faithful believing member of The Church of Christ, who preaches and teaches the whole counsel of God. A man who is fully committed to minister to The Lord’s Church at Goodwood and saving souls for The Lord. He must be a God fearing, single or married, man of integrity, truthful, honest, and yet humble. His life must represent what he preaches. Constantly making the time to study Gods Word with a desire to learn and grow individually while constantly sharing The Gospel with the eldership and the congregation. Preach a Bible based sermon every Sunday both morning and evening, while extending the Gospel invitation at every opportunity. Teach a Bible based adult class every Wednesday evening. Willing to conduct Bible study with members and visitors alike. Love God, his family, the congregation, and always willing to serve. Willing to minister under the oversight of the Goodwood Eldership. Willing to maintain reasonable and regular office hours at the building, visit members who are shut-in and in the hospital.


Organization: Goodwood Church of Christ
Organization Location: 10715 Goodwood Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA, 70815
Organization Description: Goodwood Church of Christ is seeking a full time minister to assist our congregation in serving The Lord and our fellow man in Baton Rouge. We are a mid-sized and diverse congregation seeking an individual with an outreach mindset and a focus on doctrine. We have a Spanish-speaking ministry that would be well-served by a candidate with Spanish language proficiency. Attendance: 165 Elders: 4 Church Website:

Who to contact

Name: Preacher Search Committee
Phone Number: 225.226.2850
Address: 10715 Goodwood Blvd Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70815