Lubbock Christian University

Preacher/Evangelist - Montrose Church of Christ - Montrose, Colorado

Availability: Jul. 15, 2021 - Oct. 14, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Formal job description to be worked out with the selected candidate; however, the position involves preaching, teaching classes, encouraging members toward spiritual growth, and special emphasis on community outreach.

Job Requirements: Thorough knowledge of the bible and the ability to present it persuasively without stridency toward one point of view on debatable points. Ability and willingness to reach out into the community to find opportunities to spread the knowledge of salvation through Christ, and to coordinate and assist other members in doing the same. Willingness to work under the oversight of elders and to keep an active channel of communication to coordinate with them regarding the overall activities of the church.

Organization: Montrose Church of Christ
About the Organization: The Montrose Church of Christ in Montrose, Colorado, is a family of about 70 members with two elders and two deacons, and we meet in a beautiful recently built facility with capacity for growth.
Organization Location: Montrose, Colorado

Who to contact

Name: Sam McCormick
Address: P.O. Box 612
Montrose, CO 81402