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Preacher - Godfrey Church of Christ - Godfrey, IL

Availability: Oct 14, 2022 - Jan 27, 2023
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: The Godfrey Church of Christ in Godfrey, Illinois is currently conducting a search for a new Preacher.

Specifically, we are looking for a married man with a young family. A substantial part of the compensation package that we have to offer includes a 3-bedroom single-family residence which is provided free of charge to our preacher and his family. Therefore, the most efficient use of our facilities would be for a family man. 

  • Speaking duties include the Wednesday Evening Service, Sunday Morning Bible Class / Service and Sunday Evening Service.
  • The Preacher will coordinate and conduct Vacation Bible School events and activities.
  • The Preacher is responsible for publishing the Weekly Bulletin which is made available to the Congregation on Sunday morning.
  • A weekly call to the sick is expected.  
  • Weekly visitation of those in the hospital and our Shut-ins is expected.
  • We are looking for a self-motivated, highly energetic individual.

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Job Requirements:  Preferred 4-year diploma in Theology, or theology-related field.

Organization: Godfrey Church of Christ
About the Organization: Church of Christ - Religious Organization
Organization Location: Godfrey, Illinois

Who to contact

Name: Dennis Thomas
Phone: 618.466.4081
Address: 6412 Humbert Rd
Godfrey, Illinois 62035