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Preaching Minister - Eastern Hills Church of Christ - Athens' TX

Availability: Aug. 1, 2021 - Nov. 1, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: The preaching minister is a full time position. The preaching minister shall be accountable to and evaluated by the elders. He will serve as a colleague in ministry with the other staff ministers working toward the building up of life and ministry of the Eastern Hills church.


1. He will serve as preaching minister for worship assemblies and will establish a consistent discipline of study, reflection, and prayer. He will lead by example and deliver quality biblical, theological, pastoral sermons.
2. His messages will provide a healthy balance that will inspire and convict, teach and explain
scripture, increase our faith, challenge us to grow to greater levels of maturity in Christ, as
well as encourage us to fulfill our mission and project a vision for the future of this
3. He will be directly involved in personal Bible studies and encourage members to bring
others to Christ.
4. He will be part of a leadership team of ministers on the staff and will support and/or help in the administration of all our ministries and church functions. He will work with other staff in planning and conducting special activities and events.

1. The preaching minister will be involved in adult Bible class instruction, including evangelism
and Small/Home Group ministries. He will teach classes as needed or as assigned. He will
act as coordinator for the adult education program/classes.
2. He will be in regular communication with the elders to frame a collective vision for how
members can use their gifts and talents to grow the Kingdom and to equip members of the
congregation so that each member works and makes the body fit together in love.

1. In partnership with the elders, the preaching minister will propose ideas to, and solicit
suggestions from the elders for lesson subjects that will help members become more
mature in Christ.
2. He will collaborate with the worship assembly planning process and lead dynamic worship
assemblies for the congregation, involving other members and staff as appropriate.
3. He will consult with the elders prior to scheduling guest speakers.

1. The preaching minister will strive to establish a relationship with members of the
congregation and contact visitors looking for a church home.

1. The preaching minister will attend staff and elders meetings, except when excused.
2. He will serve as a key resource for the elders and participate in (or lead) study/reflection
sessions with the elders as requested.
3. He will be available to counsel and assist individuals, couples and families with special
challenges and needs, and/or at critical times in their lives.
4. He will set personal goals and objectives for his area of ministry and for the congregation,
prepare work plans to help achieve these and share these with the elders.
5. He will demonstrate good time management and practical organization. He will
appropriately use current technologies in his ministry, lesson preparation and delivery.
6. He will officiate or assist with weddings, funerals and other special activities as necessary.
7. He will report to the elders, encourage staff and attend to areas of administration as
assigned by the elders.
8. He will contibute to the church website and weekly bulletin.
9. He will perform other duties as may be assigned by the elders.

Organization: Eastern Hills Church of Christ
About the Organization: Our congregation, like many, continues to recover from the Global Pandemic. This is where we were in 2019 and we are continuing to re-engage the congregation with opportunities for worship, relationship, and study. We have also had several families place membership over the past year.

Approximately 100 family units and 300+ members averaging 200 in Sunday morning assemblies, 150 in Sunday morning Bible classes. 50 children registered in Children’s Ministry, 25 in Youth Ministry (7-12 grades) 10 Life Groups meet in homes and at the church building on Sunday evenings.

Eastern Hills sponsors 15 led by men and women from the congregation, supported by elders and
staff. These areas of ministry include:
1. Angel Keepers child-care center serving more than 85 children and their families each day
2. Food Pantry
3. Meals of Kindness
4. Pie Ministry
5. Women’s Ministry
6. Men’s Ministry
7. Youth Ministry
8. Prison Ministry
9. Missions
10. Celebrate Recovery
11. Children’s Ministry
12. Family Ministry
13. Cornerstone (Senior Adults)
14. Communications/Audio/Video
15. Building and Grounds
Organization Location: Athens, TX

Who to contact

Name: Cliff McGraw