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Pulpit Minister - Hermitage Church of Christ - Hermitage, PA

Availability: Jan 3, 2022 - Mar 31, 2022
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Hermitage Church of Christ is looking for a full-time pulpit preacher/evangelist. Applicants should be a graduate of a Bible college or school of preaching. Duties will include (but are not limited to) evangelizing through community outreach, preaching, teaching Bible classes, visiting members of the congregation, and contacting members of the congregation. We are seeking a married man. The candidate‚Äôs lessons should accurately reflect and convey Biblical truths, the gospel of Christ, and the nature of God.

Hermitage is located in northwestern Pennsylvania. It is a middle-class community with good schools and is approximately 40,000 people in size. It is located conveniently nearby U.S. Route 80 and is approximately one hour from Pittsburgh and two hours from Cleveland, Ohio. There are several colleges and universities nearby.

Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Organization: Hermitage Church of Christ
Organization Info: Small church serving the local community.
Organization Location: Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Who to contact

Name: Michael Forstrom
Address: 370 Sunset Blvd
Hermitage, PA  16148