Lubbock Christian University

Pulpit Minister - Mangum Church of Christ - Magnum, OK

Availability: Nov. 15, 2021 - Jan. 15, 2022
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: 

The church in Mangum is looking for a full-time Pulpit Minister.  The church in Mangum has a rich history and has been a beacon of light to SW Oklahoma for many years. The congregation is a “healthy church” with no fusses or problems, with a loving spirit and desire to serve and to grow.  We are blessed to have a very nice facility with classrooms, auditorium, fellowship room, and offices. We are also blessed to be debt free and able to provide a good salary.  We are looking for a man who is a good communicator, who preaches and teaches Biblical truth with timely applications, and someone who will be very involved in our small community.  We prefer someone with a family, with pulpit experience, and hope he will have spent time in Biblical studies in one of our schools.

Organization: Mangum Church of Christ
Organization Location: Mangum, Oklahoma

Who to contact

Address: 401 E. Lincoln Street
Mangum, OK  43554