Lubbock Christian University

Student Minister- Violet Ridge Church of Christ- Crittenden, KY

Availability: Mar 16, 2023- June 30, 2023
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: 
1. The Student Minister and Youth Minister shall work under the Senior Minister in coordinating staff andprogramming to achieve the overall mission and purpose of the church.
2. The Student Minister shall be accountable to the elders.
3. The Student Minister will have access to the services of the church office and is encouraged to use them graciously.
4. The Student Minister shall attend staff meetings for the purpose of communicating, scheduling, and overall planning. Youth ministry programming and activities are to be coordinated with other staff.
5. The Student Minister shall maintain regular office hours to facilitate communication with the membership of VRCC. The majority of the Associate/Family and Youth Minister’s time will be spent with the youth and families of VRCC.
6. The Student Minister will plan and implement programs to support the parent/child relationship and to strengthen families.
7. The Student Minister will recognize that all children do not have the benefit of Christian parents, and will need to make an extra effort to reach these young people.
Job Requirements: Would prefer a candidate with some college education, preferably Bible college or a bachelor’s degree in theology. Candidates should also have a proficient understanding of the challenges and needs of adult members and the church’s youth.

Organization: Violet Ridge Church of Christ
Organization Location:1000 Violet Road Crittenden, KY 41030
Organization Description: We follow the New Testament pattern of faith and practice as revealed in scripture without human additions, subtractions or practices. The commission given by Jesus establishes our existence: to make disciples and to teach men to observe all that our Lord commanded (Matthew 28:19, 20). Our purpose is to draw all men unto Christ Jesus who is our Savior and Lord.

Who to contact

Name: David Osborne
Phone Number: 859.428.2230
Address: 1000 Violet Road Crittenden, Kentucky, 41030