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Youth and Family Ministers - Campbell Street Church of Christ - Jackson, TN

Availability: Oct. 11, 2021 - Dec. 11, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: The Campbell Street Church of Christ is looking for two passionate disciples of Jesus (one male and one female) to join our staff and leadership team to provide vision, direction, energy, and leadership to our Youth and Family Ministry.

Job Requirements: - Champion the mission, vision, and the core values of the Campbell Street Church. 
- Create, implement, and articulate a unique vision and strategy for helping students and families know love and be light.
- Empower students and families to discover the active work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and foster the use of their diverse spiritual gifts for the benefit of the whole church.
- Lead students to find and follow Jesus in order to bring about transformative discipleship.
- Plan opportunities for students to form intentional relationships with each other and experience authentic community.
- Partner with parents by equipping them to become active participants in the spiritual formation and discipleship of their families.
- Attract, connect, and empower volunteers to partner with you in Youth and Family Ministry. 
- Value and work in collaboration with ministry and office staff, Shepherds, and ministry team leaders.


- Be pursuing a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ - manifest in prayerful dependence, godly character, and the fruit of the Spirit.
Be an effective communicator and an engaging teacher.
- If married, have a spouse who is supportive of the church and your ministry. 
- Have previous leadership experience related to youth or student ministry (e.g. youth ministry internship, previous ministry position, educator). 
- Have strong organizational and planning skills.
- Be self-aware, emotionally mature, and fun-loving.
- Have the ability to effectively utilize technology and social media in your ministry.

Organization: Campbell Street Church of Christ
Organization Description: Overview - The Campbell Street Church of Christ is located in Jackson, TN. We are a loving community of imperfect believers striving to reach this city with the gracious message of Jesus Christ. We are an open-hearted, open-minded, and open-handed church; meaning we aim to be kind, discerning, and generous in everything we do. 

Mission Statement - Transforming lives and transforming culture by knowing love and being light.

Vision - The vision of our leadership team is for Campbell Street to be a gospel-centered and Spirit-led church that provides a diverse and welcoming environment for transformation and healing in West Tennessee.

Core Values - Our core values are the questions we use to evaluate every opportunity. We ask ourselves: are we encouraging diverse spiritual gifts, are we inspiring transformative discipleship, and are we creating authentic community?

Organization Location: Jackson, TN

Who to contact

Name: Danny Sorrell
Phone: 731.427.9511
Address: 1490 Campbell St.
Jackson, TN  38305