Lubbock Christian University

Youth & Family Minister - Huntsville Church of Christ - Huntsville, TX

Availability: May 13, 2021 - Aug. 13, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Summary of Position

A leadership staff position that will provide vision, energy, oversight, and daily direction to all aspects of Family Ministry leading youth and families into discipleship; enthusiastically implements vision and
values through student ministries; keep before the church body, staff, and elders a vision of the
necessity of winning Families to Christ and discipling them to greater maturity; working as a team
member toward the mission and vision of HCOC through ministry to youth and families.

Job Requirements: Job Responsibilities

• Implement and articulate a unique strategy and program structure by which the Family Ministry can serve youth and their families.
• Articulate HCOC vision to ministry staff and volunteers.
• Keep current with innovations in youth, student and family-focused ministries.
• Serve as an advocate for Family Ministry before staff, congregation, and elders.

• Create and administer programs that will help students and families embrace Christ.
• Develop summer programming ideas that are fun and that help families experience Jesus.
• Partner with parents by equipping them with resources to become actively and intentionally involved in the spiritual formation and discipleship of their families.
• Develop and direct children and family outreach opportunities through family and community leaders.
• Plan and administer mission-focused learning opportunities for varying age levels including (but not limited to): Impact Church, Good Shepherd Mission, Honduras, etc
• Plan and administer camp and retreat opportunities for students and children
• While youth activities are often separate, strive to have intergenerational contact and activities.

• Lead coordinators, teachers, greeters, resource personnel, and other volunteers in the Student Ministry
• Facilitate an effective educational model (infra-structure) to serve the families of HCOC.
• Provide teacher training and teacher/volunteer appreciation events.
• Leadership responsibility for Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)
• Leadership responsibility for volunteer staff of Family Ministry
• Team player as regards worship, classes and opportunities to be with church family.

• Recruit and train capable coordinators to lead each division of educational organization.
• Recruit and train capable coordinators, teachers, and counselors for special events.
• Assist coordinators in recruiting teachers/helpers in each division of the educational

Organization: Huntsville Church of Christ
Organization Location: Huntsville, TX

Who to contact

Name: Amy Balch
Phone: 936.661.6050
Address: 3737 SH 30
Huntsville, TX  77340