Lubbock Christian University

Youth Minister - Bay Area Church of Christ - Seffner, FL

Availability: Nov. 4, 2021 - Dec. 31, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Descriptions: Role and responsibilities 

Knowledge, Gifts and skills:

Strong teaching and communication gifting and skills

Passion for sharing Jesus with students

Must possess written and verbal skills

Must display a willingness and ability to use technology and social media within the ministry

Should be able to work with a diverse  group of people

Be able to recruit and motivate volunteers.

Specific Responsibilities:

Must develop and communicate a vision for student ministry that is in conjunction with the overall church Vision and mission

Develop and employ strategies for discipleship for students, including evangelism efforts, small groups service opportunities and community engagement

Be the primary communicator of biblical teaching within the student ministry

Build relationships with parents to partner with them in discipling their students

Oversee and execute special events for student ministry 

Collaborate with children’s ministry to develop transition into student ministry

Seek out relationships with neighborhood churches, in order to expand service and fellowship opportunities for our youth and the wider church. 

Organization: Bay Area Church of Christ
Organization Info: Bay Area is a diverse group of  Christians in the Tampa bay area. Specifically located in the suburb of Seffner. The population is just over 8000 people.  Although relatively small, it is only 13 miles east of the Tampa downtown area, where a massive amount of people exist in cultural and social diversity. Seffner also is considered a suburban haven for commuters, who dart across state roads and the infamous interstate 4, for the purposes of work, sight seeing, beach going or toward Orlando for Disney attractions. There’s lots of  opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and also to connect with other youth groups and churches in the area.
Organization Location: Seffner, Florida

Who to contact

Name: Tom Manley
Phone: 813.689.9620
Address: 3905 Orange St.
Seffner, FL  33550