Lubbock Christian University

Youth Minister - Boyd Church of Christ - Boyd, TX

Availability: Jul. 15, 2021 - Oct. 14, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: The duties of the position include, but are not limited to: 
Work, in a collaborative manner, with the Youth Committee and parents to plan and implement all youth activities. 
Assist the ministry team as needed in congregational-wide activities, involvement, education, visitation and life altering events, including: baptisms, funerals, marriages, hospital stays, etc. 
Involve the young men in worship activities, including conducting the Sunday night worship services periodically. 
Increase volunteerism by delegating authority to implement certain youth event functions to parents and congregational members to allow larger numbers of the youth to participate in youth events.
Emphasize a servant attitude among the youth by performing service activities within the Program. 
Work with the elders and deacons who closely support the Youth Program activities. Lead the Program while maintaining a close relationship with the selected elders and deacons. 
Keep regular working hours through the week that will allow for availability and reliability on a full-time basis for the youth and their families. Notify the Youth Deacon of abnormal work hours, vacations, personal leave, etc. in an advanced and timely manner. Notify the Youth Committee of sickness as soon as possible. 
Provide the elders an update, including youth calendars, in advance of major events or changes to already approved schedules. 
Strive to recognize troubled children and behaviors of concern within the youth group. Ensure that any recognized sign of self-abuse or abuse by others be immediately pointed out to the elders for shepherding and the appropriate authorities as required by law. 
Create an inclusive and supportive climate that is free of bullying, favoritism or unhealthy spiritual relationships and make corrections as required. 
Other duties as assigned by the Youth Committee.

Job Requirements: Faithful member of the Lord’s church. 
Demonstrate Biblical and doctrinal soundness. 
Experience with Youth Ministries 
Ability to work in a collaborative manner with others.
Able to relate to youth and their parents. 
Able to speak to large audiences (i.e. 100+) in a confident and articulate manner. Possess spiritual and moral maturity. 
Self-motivated spiritually. 
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher (Bible degree preferred.)
Valid Texas Drivers License 

Organization: Boyd Church of Christ
Organization Location: Boyd, Texas

Who to contact

Name: Robert Carr
Phone: 940.433.5574
Address: 379 Cemetery Rd
Boyd, TX  76023