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Youth Minister - Cordova Church of Christ - Rancho Cordova, CA

Availability: Sep. 30, 2021 - Nov. 30, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Supervisor: Elders of the Cordova Church of Christ

Job Summary: The Youth Minister is an integral part of Cordova’s ministry staff. The Youth Minister teaches and designs activities, classes, and youth events for 7th-12th graders in order to foster a vibrant and active church community. Under the direction of the Elders, and in partnership with the Pulpit Minister, the Youth Minister will work to inspire and guide youth to love God, love people, and help people love God. The Youth Minister will work with the Elders to design and customize a specific job description utilizing the unique gifts of the Youth Minister.

Personal Qualities:
•    Conducts his professional and personal affairs consistent with the teachings of the Bible.
•    Passionate about teaching and supporting middle and high school students.
•    Willing to humbly lead and serve the congregation.
•    Attuned to the students’ spiritual and emotional health.
•    Approachable and welcoming to guests and members. 
•    Employs a spirit of teamwork in collaborating with other ministers, staff, and adult volunteers.
•    Practices patience with students, parents, members, and guests.


To Students:
•    Build relationships with students.
•    Encourage students to build strong relationships with God, with each other, with the church, and with the community.
•    Oversee and coordinate Sunday morning Bible class for the Youth Ministry (7th-12th grade).
•    Teach God’s love through weekly classes, small group discussions, and conversations with students.
•    Equip students to be able to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.
•    Organize and facilitate multi-youth group summer camps for the Middle School and High School students (such as Wildside and FDC).
•    Organize, facilitate, and lead local outreach VBS (Cordova Christian Camp) with Youth Group and church member staff volunteers.
•    Direct and encourage students to serve in the church and community outreach opportunities.

To Parents:
•    Communicate event times and expectations in a clear, organized, and timely manner.
•    Ensure that attendees at youth ministry events are properly supervised.
•    If requested, provide referrals for professional counselors.
•    Provide opportunities for the entire family to be together.
•    Provide resources for families to grow spiritually together.

To Congregation:
•    Will attend scheduled worship services and bible classes.
•    Minister to and support all members of the congregation.
•    Preach in front of the congregation a few times each year. You are the primary back-up for the Pulpit Minister.
•    Fill-in as needed for last minute parts of a worship service (such as announcements, prayers, scripture readings, communion thoughts, or song leading).
•    Participate and actively encourage members' participation in various church ministries.
•    Manage Youth Ministry budget and provide legible original receipts to the Administrative Secretary.

Job Requirements: Has an understanding of the Churches of Christ.
•    Has a bachelor’s degree or comparable work experience with demonstratable bible knowledge.
•    Regular and sacrificial financial contributor to his local congregation.
•    Passionate about Youth Ministry.
•    Driven to build relationships and take every opportunity to connect with every Cordova teen.
•    Willing to schedule work hours when Cordova’s teens are available.
•    Has a car or will get one shortly after being hired.
•    Works well with others including staff, parents, and volunteers.
•    Role models all aspects of Christianity in their private as well as public and online settings.

Organization: Cordova Chruch of Christ
Organization Location: Rancho Cordova, California

Who to contact

Name: Andrew Shrum
Address:  10577 Coloma Rd.
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670