Lubbock Christian University

Youth Minister - Gatesville Church of Christ - Gatesville, TX

Availability: Aug. 17, 2021 - Oct. 17, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Competitive salary based on education and experience

The primary focus of the youth and family minister will be developing and leading the Jr. High and High School student ministry.

Inwardly, we want to encourage and equip students to have an ever-growing relationship with God, strengthen their relationships with others, and grow together in our relationships with Jesus.

Outwardly we want to reach the people who have not yet decided to follow Jesus.

General Expectations:
• The Youth and Family Minister must have a passion for Youth Ministry.
• His life must be a model that demonstrates he is a faithful Jesus follower. He must set a
proper example of Christian behavior at all times.
• Work closely and cooperate with church staff.
• Establish and have written goals for ministry and have a detailed plan on how to reach those
goals each year.
• Coordinate planned family and/or youth ministry activities that help further our mission.
• Work with an established youth team. Continue to develop the team and recruit new
members as needed.
• Stay in close contact with the schools. Utilize their calendars when planning youth group
activities. Attend and encourage students’ extracurricular activities. Volunteer and take
advantage of opportunities to interact with students and teachers in order to build
relationships in the community.
• Stay connected to and work with other churches and youth ministers in our community.
• Develop a curriculum plan and teach Bible classes for Jr and Sr High students.
• Periodically, engage 4th-6th grade students.
• Participate in various worship leading roles.
• Preach when the preaching minister is not able to do so.
• Maintain technology tools, oversee the production of the church’s live streams, and keep
the social media sites up to date.

• Strong faith, passion, and commitment to the calling of serving God in youth and family
• Able to develop and build personal relationships.
• Bachelor’s degree in a ministry related field. We will consider working with a college
student who is pursuing a degree in ministry.
• We prefer a married man whose wife will be an encourager and supporter of the ministry.

Job Requirements: Passionate about Youth Ministry

Organization: Gatesville Church of Christ
Oganization Info: Gatesville Church of Christ is a multi-generational church with a healthy number of young families with babies and toddlers. We have left the sectarian exclusivism of the past and are no longer interested in converting people to the strict traditions of our heritage. We want to share the love of Jesus and equip others to do the same. Growing up in the church of Christ is not a prerequisite. The church is looking for a man who can reestablish and further develop a youth ministry that has suffered great loss in the teenage crowd due to COVID and the move of a few key families. Like many of our churches, we went strictly online for several weeks and are now are having regular worship meetings on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Our in person attendance is about 150 and growing. Before the pandemic we were averaging around 200.
Organization Location: Gatesville, Texas

Who to contact

Name: Justin Hall
Address: 2417 E Main St.
Gatesville, TX  76528