Lubbock Christian University

Youth Minister - Lack Jackson Church of Christ - Lack Jackson, TX

Availability: Sep. 9, 2021 - Dec. 9, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: 

The main focus areas of the Youth Minister are to develop and grow our ministry to students both within the congregation and across our community, encourage and support youth in their relationship with God, nurture the relationship with students’ peers, and as a group, experience growth and support one another in reaching those who have not yet chosen to follow Jesus. 

To Apply:
Send resume and cover letter via email: (subject line – Youth Minister Search) or via Mail: Youth Minister Search 402 Center Way, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Job Requirements: 

General Expectations: 
    Inspire young people to love and trust God, and want to follow Jesus
    Be a good communicator and commit to consistent communication with families whose children are in the youth group
    Be organized and plan ahead by having established written goals for ministry and have a detailed description of how to reach those goals each year 
    Develop relationships with local school districts and utilize their calendars when planning youth group activities
    Attend and encourage students’ extracurricular activities, and as possible, visit them on campus
    Stay connected to and collaborate with other churches and youth ministers of all denominations in our community
    Develop a curriculum plan and effectively teach Bible classes for Jr and Sr High students
    Develop program to prepare kids and parents to be ready to join youth group when child reaches 7th grade 
    Oversee and mentor college student summer internships

Additional Responsibilities: 
    Work under the guidance of the Elders to help move the church towards fulfilling its mission and reaching its vision
    Assist with planning and implementing other aspects of the church’s programs as called and gifted and at times needed
    Be willing and able to preach on Sundays as needed
    Be open to opportunities to help director(s) in development of curriculum for camps, retreats, and other programs such as LTC

Organization: Lake Jackson Church of Chirst
Organization Location: Lake Jackson, Texas

Who to contact

Name: Terry German
Phone: 979.297.2494
Address: 402 Center Way
Lake Jackson, TX  77566