Lubbock Christian University

Youth Minister - Lafayette Church of Christ

Availability: Oct. 14, 2021 - Dec. 31, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: What we offer:

•    A loving church family ready to serve alongside and grow with you 
•    A dedicated transition team with a documented plan to assist in embracing you and your ministry journey in our church
•    A wonderful opportunity to work with an outreach-focused ministry team, who are balanced with both youthful passion and energy as well as mentoring wisdom and experience
•    A church family that is generationally balanced, including many young families, as well as many seasoned members
•    Dynamic and energized peer group for young adults available for social and spiritual support and partnership in church ministries. 
•    An area for outreach which is diverse in culture, socio-economic status, and beliefs, which is embedded within fantastic school districts
•    Debt free church
•    Support system of ministry staff with over 36 years of experience and an empowering five-man eldership with a combined 50 years of leading the church
•    Partner churches in the area actively working together to combine forces for events and camps

What you bring:

•    The devotion to spend time in your own spiritual formation so that your growth will overflow into your ministry
•    An ability to serve alongside our church family to foster spiritual development in our youth from 6th through 12th grades
•    A desire to work with the Children’s Ministry director to facilitate a wholistic approach for the spiritual formation of children and students who grow up at Lafayette
•    The capacity to educate and involve students within our church body, as well as in the local community, through regular Sunday morning and Wednesday night classes
•    The understanding for the importance to equip and engage adults of all ages for ministry to and with students
•    The maturity to engage with the elders, ministry staff and families to grow future church servant leaders through intergenerational relationships.
•    The vision to join the church body in sharing the message of God’s unfailing love through engaging students in outreach to the local community
•    The capability to plan retreats, social activities, service projects and mission trips that will provide service opportunities and aid spiritual development.
•    The ambition to engage other youth ministers in the area to plan events that will enhance relationships with other students in the region

Organization: Lafayette Church of Christ
Organization Description: Lafayette is a community-oriented church of around 200 active members located in suburban St. Louis County (approximately 25 miles west of the downtown area). The Lafayette Church is a family that demonstrates God’s love for one another and to the surrounding community. The youth group consists of around 20 active students and is primed for growth. The number of young families within the church has increased exponentially over the past five years.
Organization Location: Ballwin, Missouri

Who to contact

Name: Mike Brown
Address: 115 New Ballwin Rd. 
Ballwin, MO  63021