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Youth Minister - Murrieta Church of Christ - Murrieta, CA

Availability: Sep. 3, 2021 - Dec. 3, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: The Murrieta Church of Christ Youth Minister will focus on the spiritual development of our youth, grades 6-12. He will lead our youth, in partnership with the parents, to develop a genuine relationship with Christ through prayer, Bible study and involvement with church family. The Youth Minister will provide regular opportunities for our teens to engage in leadership, service, and community outreach. In the course of these duties, he will work in conjunction with the Elders and Senior Minister to promote the core values and statement of faith in accordance with the Murrieta Church of Christ.

Job Requirements: Duties and Responsibilities:
•    Plan, develop and implement a youth ministry program focused in the areas of education, worship, discipleship, service, leadership, and youth activities
•    Communicate program goals and needs with Youth Ministry families and Leadership
•    Mentor youth in developing their leadership skills and spiritual gifts
•    Ensure that safety and well-being are prioritized in all youth ministry settings
•    Support our youth in ways outside of church (i.e., attendance at extracurricular activities, life events, spiritual counseling, etc.)
•    Connect with local youth ministers and continue involvement in area-wide youth events such as SoCal Teen Camp, youth rallies, etc.
•    Manage the youth ministry budget
•    Be prepared to deliver a sermon once per quarter and to fill in for the Senior Minister as needed

•    Baptized Christian male with a maturing relationship with Christ
•    Member of a Christian Church and prepared to adhere to our mission statement of faith
•    Graduate of an accredited college or university with a degree in Youth Ministry or equivalent field; or have obtained a certificate from a School of Biblical Studies
•    One year of experience working with youth
•    Strong communication and interpersonal skills
•    Strong technology skills, including familiarity with and the appropriate use of social media

Organization: Murrieta Church of Christ
Organization Info: The Murrieta Church of Christ is a joyful community of imperfect people. Just over 250 members call us their home congregation as we walk through the journey of life together. Our membership mirrors our local community in that people from all ages and backgrounds come together to serve God here. 
Organization Location: Pampa, Texas

Who to contact

Name: Dustin Smith
Address: 24750 Lincoln Ave
Murrieta, CA  92562