Lubbock Christian University

Youth Minister- Northridge Church of Christ- Mt Pleasant, TX

Availability: Mar 24, 2023- June 24, 2023
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Recognizing the hustle of today’s world, the Youth Minister should educate youth about Christ and their knowledge of God. He should encourage their habits to worship through, not only their involvement and relationship with their brothers and sisters in Christ, but though various ministries. The role of the youth minister is to support the youth as they develop love and their relationship with Christ while complementing and facilitating the responsibility the church family has to the youth, not by replacing it. With the ability to use consistency and dependability of the youth minister, the youth program can further challenge the entire youth’s personal family to grow and recognize God’s gift of providing a place to belong among other teens and Christians that reinforces their holiness and resilience to “less-focused” society pressures.
Job Requirements: 
Demonstrate an active and growing personal relationship with Christ 
A current and active member of the Church of Christ 
Three Letters of Reference with contact information 
College degree in Bible, ministry, or education 
Experience with technology, including communication and presentation applications 
Ability to lead, follow, and support members and fellow ministers 
Be accepting and supportive of North Ridge’s history, traditions, and goals

Organization: Northridge Church of Christ
Organization Location: Mt Pleasant, TX; Northeast Texas Community halfway between Dallas/Fort Worth and Texarkana on Interstate 30.

Who to contact

Name: Jason Snodgrass
Phone Number: 903.572.3202
Address: 212 E. Burton Rd Mt Pleasant, Texas, 75455