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Youth Minister - Van Alstyne Church of Christ - Van Alstyne, TX

Availability: Mar 23, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Youth Minister – Van Alstyne Church of Christ

The mission is to develop genuine, personal faith in our teens.  

Teens should be spiritually equipped and prepared for life after high school – when they leave home and enter college or the workplace.  Teens should be led to respect and apply biblical scripture as their guide through this life and to the life to come.

This ministry leads our youth in grades seven through twelve through personal experiences with bible-based application.  The youth minister partners with parents and church leaders to facilitate spiritual development in our youth.  This ministry should provide the support of healthy relationships with peers, parents, and other Christians of all ages and circumstances.

The Youth Minister Position is a full-time position.  Day-to-day direction and guidance will be provided by the elders. If they are unavailable, he should speak with the preaching minister. While the wife is not being hired, we believe ministry is best performed as a team. We ask that the wife be present and active with the youth and in the church.  We believe the wife serves as a role model for our young ladies and we hope she would make herself available for them to come to when needed.

Teens have many peers but should look to you as a mentor in faith and life.  As a leader at a critical time in the lives of young people you should use your experience as a former teen – but you should no longer conduct yourself as one.  You and your wife are to model Christ and present yourself as professional at all times.  

Job Requirements:

Administrative Responsibilities:
- Present an appropriate image and example to the youth and congregation.
- Develop and coordinate all activities with other staff to insure high level of communication
- Assist to Coordinate and implement Vacation Bible School with other staff and church volunteers
- Administratively responsible for the planning of the youth ministry budget
- Develop and implement short range and long-range goals for this ministry
- Communicate vision, goals and strategy of Youth Ministry to church leadership, youth, parents, and the congregation
- Plan, schedule and coordinate retreats, mission trips, camps, service activities, etc.
- Serve as primary leader and Bible teacher for the Youth Ministry-age Bible Classes
- At least one night a week have something for the group, a devo or Bible study, outside of Sunday or Wednesday.
- Develop intentional relationships with all the youth.
- Work to insure consistency with multi-year bible study guide
- Fulfill other ministry duties as required (e.g. weddings, funerals, counseling, teaching, preaching, visitation, baptism, communion, etc.)
- Maintain flexible working hours as determined by the needs of the ministry and office staff with typical core hours of 9a-4p. It is understood that a large portion of the youth minister’s work will take place outside of the office. Time out will be coordinated with the preaching minister.
- Meet with the elders to keep them up to date and informed on the progress and plans of the ministry
- Keep parents and elders informed when particular teen issues and activities might be going beyond what is normally assumed or expected
- Work alongside the preaching minister (who will also function as a mentor)
- Work in coordination with the youth deacon.
- Actively seek parent participation and other members of the congregation who may express interest in helping.
- Seek opportunities to take interest in and observe individual youth activities (e.g. sports, music, FFA, etc.) outside of church.
- Be “community minded” by reaching outside the congregation to the youth of the community; be visible at schools and activities.
- Assist with the leading of worship
- Fill-in preaching when preaching minister is out of town.
- Other responsibilities assigned as the need arises

Position includes a home located next to the church building.

Organization Information: The Van Alstyne Church of Christ is a growing congregation of 150 in south Grayson County. The city is growing at a rapid pace with over 1,000 homes being built in the next five years.

Organization: Van Alstyne Church of Christ
Organization Location: Van Alstyne, Texas

Who to contact

Name: Shannon Jackson
Phone: 903.818.4862
Address:  191 Hopson St
Van Alstyne, Texas, 75495