Lubbock Christian University

Youth Ministry Summer Intern - Kingwood Church of Christ - Kingwood, TX

Availability: Nov. 2, 2021 - Feb. 2, 2022
Job Type: Part Time
Job Description: The Purpose of the Youth Ministry summer internship is to provide college Ministry and Bible majors the opportunity to experience full-time ministry while supporting the existing Youth Ministry program at the Kingwood Church of Christ. The youth intern must be a Ministry or Bible major, available to be with the youth group full-time during the summer, and desire to learn through experience and instruction.

The summer internship will be 11 weeks, beginning May 23rd and ending August 8th. Dates may be negotiable based on the intern's school schedule. Compensation is $350 a week. Housing is provided. 

Job Requirements: Lead in a Christ-like manner while spending time with the members of the Kingwood Youth Ministry.

Help carry out the general tasks of the ministry, such as planning, preparing for events, and teaching. 

Plan, organize, advertise, and lead at least one substantial activity.

Be available for regular office hours when appropriate. 

Complete the requirements set by their university to obtain college credit (if applicable).

Set personal short- and long-term goals concerning their work with the church and the teens.

Dedicate daily time to their formation and spiritual development. 

Meet weekly with the youth minister for prayer, reflection, and discussion.

Keep a constant flow of information to ministers, parents, and teens.

Submit to the written internship guidelines and expectations. 

Organization: Kingwood Church of Christ
Organization Location: Kingwood, Texas

Who to contact

Name: Wesley Hargon
Address: 2901 Woodland Hills Drive
Kingwood, TX  77339