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Andrew Young, Ed.D.

Professor of Psychology

  • Ed. D. Counselor Education, Texas Tech University
  • M. Ed. Community Counseling, Texas Tech University
  • M.S. Youth and Family Ministry, Abilene Christian University
  • B.A. Bible, Lubbock Christian University
Current Classes
  • Department of Behavioral Sciences:
  • Introduction to Counseling Professions
  • Theories of Personality
  • Counseling Theories and Techniques
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Social Research Methods
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Department of Nursing:
  • Interpersonal and Counseling Skills for the Nursing Profession


Dr. Andrew Young has been a professor at Lubbock Christian University since 1996. Along with teaching, his primary focus has been in the areas of Crisis Counseling, Emergency Services, and the integration of Psychology and Theology. He currently teaches in the undergraduate Psychology department and Graduate Nursing program. He also serves as the coordinator for the Lubbock Police Department's Victim Services Crisis Team and on the LPD SWAT team as a Psychological Consultant and Hostage Negotiator. He is also the Clinical Director for the Critical Incident Stress Management Team at LPD, the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office (LSO), and the Lubbock Fire Department. He is also a Psychological Consultant and Hostage Negotiator with the LSO. His professional experiences add much to his teaching and classroom experiences.

Dr. Young has also been invited to speak at many academic and professional conferences including the Texas Counseling Association, the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, the Texas Crisis Intervention Team conferences, and state hostage negotiator association meetings in Texas, California, Washington, Missouri, Colorado, Michigan and Florida.  For more visit

Latest News

Recent Scholarly Activity

Dr. Young has written a book about his experiences as a crisis counselor and hostage negotiator at the Lubbock Police Department called "Fight or Flight: Negotiating Crisis on the Frontline."  This book is available through his website: (preferred method) or though

Academic Publications:

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Book Review
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