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Jim Beck, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Missions

  • M.S., Lubbock Christian University
  • B.S., Lubbock Christian University
Current Classes
  • Missions Anthropology Team Dynamics


Jim Beck has been the Director of World Missions training since 1997. He married his wife Phyllis in 1981 and has three awesome Kids. Jim is a graduate of LCU with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Bible and Missions. Has been involved in African missions for past thirty years, having lived and worked among Giryama people on the Coast of Kenya for ten years. He is fluent in vernacular of Ki-Giryama.

Jim also Planted and worked with an inner-city church known as Carpenters (a ministry to modern day Lepers - drugs addicts, prostitutes, homeless) for 13 years.

Jim returned to Africa in 2010 to begin a new paradigm of sustainable partnerships in community development in Kenya. He and phyllis are partnering with Kenyan friends, government and churches to establish primary care clinics, schools, widow and orphan care programs and community empowerment in rural areas. He spends 7 months of the year in Kenya and returns to teach each spring. He has had more than 40 LCU students spend six weeks in degree oriented internships in Kenya over the last six summers.

Teaching areas: Global and Domestic Missions, with special interest in Africa, Post-modern America and the missional church. Mr. Beck is the global missions minister at the Monterey Church of Christ and active in church and mission consultation on various subjects of missions, church planting, social justice and missions and navigating the waters of change in present day North America.

Latest News

Presently developing a "service oriented" study abroad program in Malindi, Kenya to begin in 2012.