Lubbock Christian University
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Shenai Alonge-Moore, M.A.

Assistant Professor of English

  • M.A. in Comparative Literature - Texas Tech University
  • M.A. in Biblical Interpretation - Lubbock Christian University
  • B.A. in Missions - Lubbock Christian University
Office Hours
  • By Appointment
Current Classes
  • ENG1301: Composition Studies
  • ENG3308: Technical Writing
  • ENG3321: African American Literature

Latest News

Presented "From Tupac to Kendrick: Gangsta Rap as Self-Care, Healing, Protest, and Revolution" at the LCU Scholar's Colloquium (April 2017)
Co-presented, with students and fellow faculty, a presentation entitled "Black or African American?: The Importance of Language and Identification in Undoing Stereotypes and Promoting Important Conversations about Race" at the LCU Scholar's Colloquium (April 2016) 
Presented a creative writing piece entitled "Broken by Silence" at the Conference for College Teachers of English in San Antonio (March 2016)