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Barbara Slate

  • M.L.S. - University of North Texas.
  • M.Ed. (Elementary) Lubbock Christian University.
  • M.Ed. (Secondary) Lubbock Christian University.
  • Additional coursework (60 hrs,) in Higher Education from Texas Tech University.
Associate Professor; MLS, M.Ed.

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Library Administrative Office
office: 806.720.7330

About Barbara

Barbara earned her BA in English from LCU in 2000, followed by a  M.Ed in Elementary Education, a M.Ed in Secondary Education, a M.L.I.S. from UNT, and 60 hours of coursework at Texas Tech University in Higher Education. As you might guess, Barbara‚Äôs interests focus on education, including student learning, research, and distance education. She is originally from Canada, and has two adult children.

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Liaison to:

  • Undergraduate Bible
  • Undergraduate Behavioral Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Science & Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • Social Work
  • Honors Program