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Shawn Hughes

  • MA In communications
  • BA Communications
Associate Professor of Communications

Please contact Mr. Hughes for an appointment
office: 806.720.7732
cell: 806.392.7816

About Shawn

Shawn Hughes is an Assistant Professor in the Communications Fine Arts Department at LCU. He has a BA in Communications from LCU, Masters from Texas Tech and is currently pursuing a PhD in Mass Communications from Texas Tech. Shawn has worked in the radio industry, was Director of Marketing for LCU, and as CEO of the Roswell Chamber of Commerce. He was the founder of Image Group Marketing, focusing on High Definition commercial production and full advertising campaigns.

He has served as Campaign Chair for United Way in Chaves County, the New Mexico Business Roundtable, Tourism Association of NM, and as Chair of Chaves County Zoning Commission. In 2003 Shawn was named the New Mexico Chamber Director of the Year by the state Association of Commerce and Industry.

Shawn's wife Deana is from Southland, Texas, and they have two children: Cameron and Camille who both attend Lubbock Christian Schools.

Shawn received his Ph.D. in Media Communication from Texas Tech University in 2015.  His dissertation was on the 2012 Televised Presidential Debates, and provided a groundbreaking methodology for analysis of presidential debates in the media age.  He presented a paper on this methodology at the International Communication Association in Japan in 2016, and published a book chapter as well on the topic. 

Currently Teaching

  • Nonverbal Communications
  • Com for the Professional (Honors)
  • Worship Media Production
  • Advertising

Previously Taught

  • Comm Theory
  • Public Relations
  • Intro to Mass Media
  • Organizational Comm
  • Group Comm
  • University Studies
  • Intro to Announcing