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Steve German

  • Ph.D., Texas Tech University
  • M.B.A., Texas Tech University
  • B.S., Lubbock Christian University
  • C.P.A.
Associate Professor

office: 806.720.7353

About Steve

Steve is pleased to be a part of LCU's vision of student success. He loves education and always looks forward to encouraging and guiding students (traditional and non-traditional) as they make their way through the courses toward their personal goals. Steve's background is in sales -- student recruiting for ten years for LCU. It was while working in this area as Admissions Director that he discovered a love of learning. He really didn't like school until he began graduate school during his admissions career. He had taken some additional coursework in LCU's undergraduate program while recruiting students and just never stopped. Steve later went on to Texas Tech University to work on an M.B.A. and then made his way through their business Ph.D. program. The whole experience was some of the best of his life. After he began teaching full-time, he found that he really loved teaching adult (other-than-traditional) classes. LCU's Organizational Management program is designed for those who have college credit but never finished their degrees. Teaching these folks is a joy. They do their homework, ask questions, even prepare for the next day. It is sometimes hard to keep up with them! He thinks the key to a strong America is education. The more accessible education is, the better our country will be. Accessibility via online and other nontraditional programs is what has been missing from the equation -- thus the reason for Steve's desire to work in a program like this. Steve is married to Libby (Cochran) German and they have three children. He is very active in church and enjoys recreational running, meeting and visiting with friends, watching too much sports television and facilitating online courses (really!).