Cost and Fees

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The cost of college can be intimidating, but we are here to give you the information you need to make the process easier.  If you are just entering into college, you will need to look at the undergraduate tuition rates

Are you wondering how to pay for college?  We have several options available.  While most colleges require the account to be paid in full before classes begin, our due dates are more accommodating. Payments can be made online through a secure site and can come directly from your checking account at no charge, or by using your credit card for a nominal service charge. We also have an outsourced payment plan in which you can enroll. 

If you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree and are looking into a master’s program, the graduate tuition rate below will show the rate for your particular program of study.

After going through these steps, if you have any other financial questions, call anyone on our Meet the Team page and they will assist you. 

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is designed to help you estimate your costs, scholarships, and financial aid options while pursuing a degree at Lubbock Christian University.

The calculator is only applicable for first-time undergraduate freshmen and undergraduate transfers who are U.S. Citizens.  Keep in mind the results are only an estimate based on the limited information you provide.  Your results include the  average living expenses for the city of Lubbock, Texas.



Last Updated: Feb 25, 2014