Scott Hall received his calling to become a youth minister during his junior year of high school. Having been a camper at LCU’s summer camp Encounter, Scott said LCU was a natural choice.

Since attending LCU, Scott has stepped up to many opportunities to follow God’s calling as a spiritual leader. He was voted to be a Chaplain for LCU’s men’s social club, Koinonia, he is currently a youth intern at First Christian Church in Lubbock, and he has gone on various mission trips.

A recent trip to the Holy Lands provided a meaningful context for his Biblical studies. He modestly admits to the enjoyment of translating Greek and enjoys sharing his experience of blowing a shofar (a ram’s horn) on the mound where the walls of Jericho fell.

Being a spiritual leader to so many is a big responsibility, but this humble LCU student simply says that he didn’t go into ministry because it would be easy. He said he’s in ministry because God called him there. Scott is constantly planning devotionals and finding ways to challenge students in their spiritual walk and to build them up.

But, Scott’s ministry isn’t about him being in the spotlight; he wants to be in the background, helping fellow students with prayer or just being available to talk.

“I like to just invest and be a positive influence to other people. College is hard sometimes, and if you can give people a smile, that can mean the world to them. I try to be a presence if anything else," Scott said.

For Scott, it’s one thing to get a good education, but he said if you want to go beyond that and you want to be surrounded by people who are going to constantly try to build you up, then LCU is the place to be. Scott said he can’t imagine going anywhere else or being anything other than TRUE BLUE.