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Building on a Foundation of Faith

Lubbock Christian University is built on a strong foundation of faith and excellence. Generations of faithful faculty and staff have sacrificially invested in changing the lives of students, preparing and equipping them for lives of purpose in their chosen professions and service to their families, churches, and communities. This is nowhere more true than in the sciences, where students have historically gained admission to medical and dental school at unusually high rates. Today there is a greater than ever need for Christian professionals who are prepared to succeed at the highest levels in the fields of science.

The current success of our science and pre-health professional programs is built on a history of institutional commitment to the physical and natural science departments. When the first permanent science building opened on our campus in the early 1970s, it contained classroom space for three biology and two chemistry teachers.

Since then, the sciences are the largest and fastest growing departments on campus. Although we have accomplished wonderful things with the resources God has given us, we are poised to make an even greater impact with updated facilities and equipment. As we rejoice in what God has done with our program in the past, consider joining us as we build a foundation for the future.

Benefits of a New Science Center

  • Combines science faculty, staff, and students into one location and reinforces the efforts of an already collaborative team
  • Increases lab and classroom space with updated and modern equipment
  • Improves recruiting for science students
  • Enhances the experience of all students who have science classes as a part of their core academic studies
  • Cultivates community through common spaces
  • Expands and enhance undergraduate research initiatives
  • Attracts and retain highly qualified faculty
  • Positions LCU to be competitive in obtaining grants benefiting the sciences

Building for the future

The remarkable success of our science program is built upon the efforts of visionaries of the past, and we now find ourselves as stewards of the future. We have maximized our current resources beyond capacity. To keep the vision alive for future LCU science students and to achieve our great promise as a university, we must expand and update our facilities. The new facility will solve current challenges that face faculty and students alike and will provide opportunities for continued growth of LCU’s science programs.

The New Science Center will contain

Laboratories For:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Natural Resources Ecology and Conservation
  • Animal Science
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Faculty Research

Lecture Halls

  • Two 50 Seat Capacity Halls
  • One 100 Seat Capacity Hall

Professional Office Suite

  • 18 Faculty Offices

Student Common Areas
Atrium Community Space
38,000 Square Feet



Generous Support

With over 80% of the funding already secured or pledged, the campaign goal of $10,000,000 is well within reach.  The very generous lead gifts of many alumni, friends, organizations, and foundations have amassed $8,000,000 in gifts and pledges towards the James and Jeanette Ling Science Center. Opportunities for investing in the future of the LCU Sciences programs exist through this campaign to build classrooms and labs to accommodate the inquiry and research based curriculum that demands innovative instruction and equipment.

Ways to Give

Raymond Richardson
Vice President of University Advancement

John King
Senior Vice President of University Relations