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Stories are the journal entries God makes in our lives each day. They shape and define who we are and what we will become. Lubbock Christian University, formerly LCC, has existed for sixty-four years now and there have been countless stories written on this campus by God himself. These are just a few examples collected from our alumni and a current student. As you read, know with confidence that God is alive and that He is still working on this campus each day.

As LCU looks ahead to a very bright future, we also look to our past with immense gratitude. It is you who holds the pen to so many amazing experiences, so we ask you to share your own LCU story. Thank you for loving LCU the way you have over the years. It is an amazing place to invest time, love, financial resources, and so much more. Please consider making a gift to this great university.

Your story. Our story. God’s story. Let’s write them together.

Melisa Roberts
1984 Graduate

"Although I had been outgoing in high school, I entered LCU as the shyest version of myself and often ate in my room alone. It was through finding myself in academics, intramurals, social club, baseball belles, friendships, and hanging onto my sister’s coattails that I was able to survive and excel. I later served on student senate and actually ran for student body President—narrowly beaten, I am sure, by former LCU President, Tim Perrin. I also was honored to be chosen as Homecoming Queen and was in the Miss LCU court—deservedly losing to my suitemate and friend Judy McCormick.

As I managed through many undeserved accomplishments, I received a handwritten note from Professor Inez Baucum whom I barely knew. The note simply read “To Whom Much is Given Much is Required”. It really changed my way of thinking. I had always been a giving and serving person, but I don’t know that I had felt the responsibility of it until that moment.

The greatest gifts that I received from LCU are faculty that truly care about you as a person, friendships that last a lifetime, an excellent education that has helped me excel in my career, the ability to learn, to lead, and to serve, and a network of friends and family that I still love today."

Thomas Aduddell
1996 Graduate

"My LCU story is a major highlight in my overall life story. When I think about the years spent on campus, my mind races back to fun memories of meeting new people, finding brotherhood in social club, spending days on the road with talented music ministry groups, and riding a Harley onto the stage during Master Follies.

While my mind remembers these experiences, my heart reminds me of the professor who did not give up on me when I was ready to quit. It reminds me of a community that came together to love and support those who were affected by the Johnson Hall dorm fire. It reminds me daily how fortunate I was to find a beautiful woman who would love me (despite my many flaws) and take on the challenges of doing life together."

My LCU story did not end with graduation. In some ways, it continues to come full circle. I am honored to still be connected with LCU summer camps and my daughter is now a student and, in fact, is roommates with the daughter of one of my closest college friends.

I am grateful for my time at LCU. I am confident that I have grown into a better person today because of the experiences and life-long relationships that were established many years ago. LCU will always be home for me and I am forever thankful to be a part of the Chap family!

Haley Burton
2015 Graduate

"My LCU story began years before I was born. I am the daughter of two LCU alumni who instilled in me a love for this place from a young age. The way LCU changed the lives of many of my family members encouraged me to attend college here—and having the privilege to play basketball under Coach Steve Gomez was a bonus. Representing the name Lubbock Christian University each game was an incredible honor, but arguably the most important part of my experience at LCU was the interaction with professors. As an accounting and finance major, the commitment of the business professors to my academic success, spiritual development, and preparation for my career was second to none.

The influence and mentorship of professors like Mr. Tracy Mack and Dr. Steve German led me to pursue graduate degrees in business and return to the LCU School of Business to teach finance. It has been a blessing to see my LCU story come full circle and to witness the excitement of the students from the perspective of a faculty member. I am forever grateful for the way LCU has shaped my life, my faith, my lifelong friendships, and my career. It is an honor to teach in the School of Business to continue LCU’s legacy of changing lives through faith."

Milton Lee
Current Student

"I was invited to participate in a panel discussion on race and diversity at Lubbock Christian University and I became acquainted with the president. Dr. Scott McDowell and I set up a time to have coffee and discuss working together on some future proposals and goals involving LCU and the Lubbock NAACP. We talked about scholarships and financial literacy, and the next thing I knew, Dr. McDowell was giving me a scholarship!

At 72 years old, I have just recently begun my LCU journey and have met some of the nicest people in classes and walking around campus—from my professors, to staff, and students. Meeting good people is a lot of fun and what I enjoy most. This school gives me the opportunity for higher learning, plus, a group of people supporting and guiding me along is exciting. There are not enough words to express my appreciation for LCU, what it stands for, and being part of it. I recommend Lubbock Christian University to any student just coming out of high school or a person who, like me, is continuing their education. This school is meant for you. 'Go Chaps!'"

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