Lubbock Christian University

Disability Services Coordinator

Functional Title: Disability Services Coordinator 
Classification: Salary position - Exempt
Division: Institutional Effectiveness
Department: Center for Student Success                   
Reports To: Center for Student Success Director

Primary Function: Ensures that students receive reasonable and appropriate services to meet requirements of ADA/ADAAA and Section 504 laws for qualified individuals with disabilities.  Coordinator will be responsible for meeting with students and families to determine the level of accommodations to be provided, collection of all necessary documentation, maintenance of confidential files, and reporting for Disability Services.  Other duties may include providing for testing accommodations, updating Disabilities information of the LCU website, committee membership, maintaining current Policies and Procedures manual for Disabilities Services, maintaining good networking practices campus wide.

Major Duties:

Specific tasks relevant to disability services coordinator:

  1. Meets with students.
    1. Analyzes student narrative to determine need.
    2. Evaluates documentation of special needs.
    3. Coordinates services to match the needs of the student.
    4. Writes a letter of accommodation for each student.
    5. Maintains file for each student containing documentation of disability, correspondence, transcripts, schedules, etc.
  2. Keeps current on changes in laws and works with General Counsel to assure the university is following all laws concerning disability and discrimination.
    1. ADA/ADAAA, specifically Section 504
    2. FERPA
    3. Titles I, II, III, IV, and IX
    4. FHA
  3. Participates in Disability Services Committee on campus (if applicable)
  4. Attends AHEAD conference (national and state levels) whenever possible.
  5. Attends Chap Day and meets parents and potential students.
  6. Assists students with needs.
    1. Testing accommodations, adaptive textbooks, note-taking, assistive devices.
    2. Informs Registrar’s office of students needing room accommodations for class relocation when necessary.
  7. Provide data for Institutional Effectiveness and program assessment needs
  8. Other duties as assigned.

Skills Required:           

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must have excellent organizational skills as well as experience with Microsoft Office products
  • Coordinator should be able to facilitate and maintain positive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and institutional legal counsel.
  • Current understanding of best practices in secondary and post-secondary services for the disabled is helpful.
  • Must adhere to privacy and disclosure laws and guidelines for student information contained in educational records (FERPA).
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality is essential.
  • Knowledge of assistive devices and technology used as accommodations for students is a plus.
  • Strong ability to multitask and problem solve.
  • Ability to adapt to changes in the work environment.


The Disability Services Coordinator reports to the Center for Student Success Director, and must:

  • Maintain conduct consistent with Christian values and the values of the university.
  • Work with other university personnel to ensure all students have access.
  • Work closely with the Provost and academic deans to inform faculty about the Disability Services role and faculty’s responsibility concerning accommodations.
  • Work closely with CSS team members to provide excellent resources for students.


Education and Experience:

  • Required: Bachelor’s Degree with background in education, counseling, school counseling, or related field.
  • Preferred: Experience in education, special education, social work, counseling, law, technology, and/or related field.

Physical Requirements: 

While performing the essential duties of this job, the employee will be required to do the following:

  • Be ambulatory around campus and in buildings.
  • Required to regularly sit and stand.
  • Frequently use wrist, hands and/or fingers to make small repetitive movements such as typing, distributing mail and picking up small objects.
  • Ability to talk frequently to convey detailed and/or important instructions or ideas accurately, loudly or quickly.
  • Be able to hear average or normal conversations and receive verbal information.
  • Required to lift packages and/or move heavy objects, 25+lbs.


This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive; an employee will also perform other reasonably related job responsibilities as assigned by immediate supervisor and/or other management as required. LCU reserves the right to revise or change job duties, required skills or qualifications as the need arises. This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.