Lubbock Christian University

Direct Care - Children's Home of Lubbock

Availability: Jul. 19, 2021 - Oct. 12, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Position Purpose: Provide direct care and work with the treatment team to implement programs designed to meet the physical, developmental, and emotional needs of children (basic through specialized levels of care) in basic care.

Minimum Qualifications: At least two years of college or a high school diploma and at least one year of experience with emotionally troubled children. Be a minimum of 21 years of age. A driving record which will allow them to be insured by CHL auto insurance. A driving record and a valid Texas ID which will allow them to be insured by CHOL auto insurance.

Job Requirements: Responsibilities for this position
• Provide twenty-four (24) hour care and supervision of children.
• Provide for the basic physical needs and emotional security for children in care.
• Provide child care services for each assigned child.
• Be aware of and accountable for each child’s ongoing activity.
• Provide the level of supervision necessary to ensure each child’s safety and well-being, including auditory and/or visual awareness of each child’s ongoing activity as appropriate.
• Intervene, when necessary, to ensure each child’s safety.
• Be aware of the children’s habits, interests and any special needs

Organization: Children's Home of Lubbock
About the Organization: It is our mission to be a safe haven for at-risk children and families. We are looking for individuals who are driven, adaptable, and desire to use their skills for the greater good. We provide training for our employees in trauma-informed care in accordance with the Sanctuary Institute. At the Children’s Home of Lubbock we are a team of unique individuals, but we work together in creative collaboration to provide quality care that transforms the lives of at-risk children and their families through the active compassion of Christ.
Organization Location: Lubbock, Texas