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House Parents - Albuquerque Christian Children's Home

Availability: Aug. 19, 2021 - Nov. 19, 2021
Job Type: Full Time
Job Description: Reports To:  Director of Campus Life

Essential Job Functions:

1. Understand and adhere to ACCH policies and procedures.
2. Manage the daily affairs of the cottage and develop a predictable routine.
3. Meet the day-to-day physical, emotional and spiritual needs of ACCH Residents.
4. Make a home for the children placed as Residents of ACCH with a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.
5. Act as a resident’s parent while recognizing that a child’s real parent can never be replaced.
6. Respect reasonable privacy of the Residents placed in their care.
7. Develop reasonable duties for Residents to share in the cleaning, maintenance and operation of the cottage (inside and outside).  Duties (chores) must be appropriate for each resident’s age and abilities.
8. Train Residents in acceptable completion of assigned chores including quality and timing.
9. Regulate rather than deny associations with peers, friends and the community.
10. Treat Residents with respect. 
11. Foster a sense of dignity, pride and self-worth in each resident.
12. Teach and enforce good hygiene habits.
13. Teach and enforce good manners.
14. Model Christian values and standards.
15. Respect confidences while dealing with issues disclosed.  Providing appropriate care and safety for all ACCH Residents must override confidentiality issues.
16. Enforce appropriate and consistent disciplinary actions.
17. Ensure children regularly attend all regularly scheduled services of one of the local churches of Christ.
18. Inform ACCH administration of clothing needs for Residents.  ACCH will provide a clothing allowance for each Resident as specific needs are identified.  Houseparents are to provide clothing for their own biological children from personal financial resources.  
19. Ensure that Residents are dressed appropriately for all activities.
20. Ensure regular physical checkups are completed annually.
21. Ensure regular dental checkups are completed annually.
22. Ensure appointments are immediately scheduled with a physician for any condition involving a fever for more than two (2) days.
23. Ensure appointments are immediately scheduled with a dentist after a resident complains of dental pain or broken teeth/fillings.
24. Ensure counseling appointments are scheduled and kept for all Residents where counseling needs are identified by ACCH Administration.
25. Ensure all prescribed drugs are obtained and administered as prescribed.
26. Treat Residents and biological/legal children as equals.  In other words, a Houseparent must not give special treatment to their own biological/legal children.
27. Complete required reports and submit to ACCH Administration weekly.  All injuries, medical appointments, dental appointments and counseling appointments, incidents resulting in punishment, and incidents that have potential for being called into question as improper treatment are to be documented on an Incident Report. 
28. Thoroughly complete Transfer Reports prior to sending Residents to Relief Houseparent(s).  Document all ongoing disciplinary actions and any other situations that the Relief Houseparent(s) should be aware.
29. Administer allowances to each Resident according to current ACCH procedures.  Obtain each Resident's signature as acknowledgement of receiving their allowance.
30. Submit all receipts for cottage expenses.  Legitimate and acceptable cottage expenses include: 
• food which will be shared by all cottage inhabitants, including Houseparents and their biological/legal family, 
• cleaning supplies, 
• minor maintenance items (light bulbs, batteries, etc.), 
• paper goods, 
• laundry detergent, 
• school fees, 
• allowances (where Resident’s signature is obtained), 
• haircuts, 
• personal hygiene items, 
• restaurant dining where all cottage inhabitants participate or special situations where a resident child is being transported to appointments.  
31. Maintain a clean cottage, making sure that all rooms are always kept in presentable condition.  The cottage is subject to unannounced inspections by ACCH staff and state regulators.  In addition, supporters and other interested parties often drop in for campus tours.
32. Neatly maintain the cottage exterior and surrounding grounds.
33. Maintain the cottage as one’s own property, keeping all systems in good working order.  Complete minor maintenance and repairs.  Report safety hazards and major repairs to the Director of Campus Life.
34. Maintain all items placed in the cottage by ACCH or its supporters as ACCH property unless specifically identified as a personal gift to the Houseparent.
35. Assist in maintaining the overall campus according to assignment by Executive Director.
36. Actively participate in all required training as provided by ACCH.
37. Work with Maintenance Supervisor to ensure timely maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment given into the Houseparent’s care.
38. Actively participate in work days and group activities involving volunteer groups.

Non-Essential Job Functions:

39. Perform other special projects directed by the Executive Director or Director of Campus Life.

Job Requirements: Minimum Job Requirements:

40. Must be an active member of the church of Christ in good standing.
41. High School diploma or GED equivalent.
42. At least 25 years of age.
43. No more than two biological/legal children living with you.  Limited personal quarters for larger families.
44. No record of any criminal wrongdoing.
45. Preference to be given to married couples (husband and wife, male and female).
46. Preference given to people with one to three years of experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.
47. Possess a valid driver’s license and be able to drive a vehicle. If accepted as an employee – obtaining a New Mexico drivers license within 30 days of employment.
48. The State of New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Division must accept you for work in a childcare capacity.  This requires you to be fingerprinted and submit to a complete background check.  Ability to pass all required background, employment and psychological checks.
49. Semi annually attend CPR/Red Cross qualifying class.
50. Demonstrate poise, tact, maturity and objectivity.
51. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
52. Ability to organize and coordinate.

Physical Requirements:

53. Able to quickly move between various locations both on campus and off campus. (ACCH sits on 6 acres and is not paved)
54. Able to keep your house clean and ready for Home and State inspections.
55. Able to perform basic yard care for your cottages front and back yards. 
56. Able to drive a car. 
57. Able to lift 20 pounds.
58. Able to speak clearly.

Working Conditions:

59. Work takes place in all settings typical of normal household operation.
60. Movement between various campus buildings and off-campus locations is required.
61. Moderate physical effort including climbing, bending, reaching, measuring and carrying is required.
62. Houseparent is on duty seven days a week, 24 hours a day as scheduled by ACCH Administration.
63. Limited exposure to physical risk.
64. Houseparent is a full-time employee of ACCH and, as such, may not engage in any other work activities without the written permission of the Executive Director.
65. Houseparent is permitted to continue higher education or to do volunteer work during free hours providing the following conditions are met:
• Care of Residents comes first.
• In no instance shall a Houseparent regularly participate in classes/training that require more than six classroom hours per week.  The Executive Director may grant an exception in rare circumstances where such training will directly benefit ACCH.
• Classes/training shall not be scheduled during the summer.
• Classes/training may not be scheduled before all children have left for school or after the first child returns from school.
• School or volunteer work may not interfere with the lives of the children or cause undue inconvenience in the cottage.
• Houseparent must be with children at mealtime and between the hours of 7 P.M. and 8:30 A.M.
• Houseparent must be reachable in case of emergency.

Organization: Albuquerque Christian Children's Home
About the Organization: Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit ministry, is dedicated to providing the very best physical, psychological, and spiritual care for school-aged children who are neglected, abused, or in need of supervision. We care for these children without regard for their race, religion, culture, national origin, financial status, or social status. Our long-term residential care is provided through a family setting centered around Christian love, example, and teaching. We strive to instill individual worth in each child while preparing them for responsible adulthood. Where possible, we work to reunite each child with his/her family.
Organization Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Who to contact

Name: Sharon Roberson
Phone: 505.898.5520
Address: 5700 Winter Haven RD NW
Albuquerque, NM  87120