Healthy Families Conference 2018 - April 5-6

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Keynote Speaker - Trevor Ragan

Trevor Ragan is nationally recognized for his revolutionary work with growth mindset. Trevor is the founder of “Train Ugly”, a growth mindset initiative, and travels the world speaking, learning, and writing. Through his Train Ugly program, Trevor has worked with numerous businesses and organizations including, but not limited to: Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft, Chipotle, MLB teams, Team USA, Olympic teams, and hundreds of schools.

Prior to working with Train Ugly, Trevor was a cofounder of Sabi Sushi (2009 – 2011), a business that was named one of the top 100 student startups at NYSE and featured on CNN Money, CBS News, Denver post, and Inc. Magazine. Trevor is also the founder and head coach of Basketball School – a four-day camp that equips players to become better at basketball through utilizing growth mindset. It is Trevor’s passion to bridge the gap between what science says and the way we teach, coach, and work with people.

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