LCU Bible

Alfred and Patricia Smith College of Biblical Studies

The undergraduate degree programs offered by the College of Biblical Studies are designed to equip ministers to critically apply knowledge of Scripture, religion and theology, and ministry in a variety of life settings. Students graduating from the Lubbock Christian University College of Biblical studies will attain the skill necessary to communicate well in both oral and written forms, as well as to utilize appropriate ministry skills in a variety of congregational and religious contexts.

The College of Biblical Studies supports the mission of the University by preparing and teaching the university core Bible courses. This college is committed to the Scriptures as wholly inspired and authoritative, and its faculty instructs and guides students to an intellectual grasp of Scripture, to a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and into active service in the life of the church and community. The college faculty also helps prepare men and women to be informed, effective, caring ministers within the kingdom of God. Graduates from this program are prepared to enter full-time ministry in their chosen fields or to pursue further academic and ministerial training at the masters and doctoral levels.