A Message From Shannon Rains

My ministry passion has always been children and family ministry. My heart is in congregational ministry, small and large church, alike. I know it is a big decision to choose to give one’s life to the vocation of ministry. The training and equipping of children’s ministers is a passion that I have had since my first years in ministry.

Lubbock Christian University answered the call to establish a children’s ministry program so that the church would have more ministers trained and equipped for leadership in children’s ministry. I was delighted to join the faculty, full-time, to join LCU in this effort. We are the only university in the Churches of Christ to have a full-time faculty presence for children’s ministry. 

Congregational ministry is a hard calling. It is also a rewarding calling. If you believe God is calling you to children’s ministry, I would love to speak with you as you discern God’s direction in your life. 

Support the Program

There are several ways you can help LCU equip our students:

  • Refer ministry-minded high school students to the program.
  • Tell other ministers about our degree program and resources.
  • Contribute financially to help us provide:

    • Scholarships for children’s ministry majors.
    • Funding for undergraduate research opportunities.
    • Supplies and sample curriculum for classroom activities.
    • Subsidize expenses for students and faculty to attend conferences, mission trips, and events.

  • Participate in our intern job fair.
  • Submit part-time and full-time positions for our job board.

About Shannon Rains

Shannon Rains

Shannon Rains began her career as Assistant Professor of Children’s Ministry at Lubbock Christian University Fall 2016. Shannon served as a congregational minister for over fifteen years. During this time, Shannon coordinated children’s ministry, family ministry, and served as a leader for congregational projects and special events. Shannon is a graduate of Abilene Christian University and holds a Masters of Science in Christian Education with additional graduate level course at Lubbock Christian University and Concordia University – River Forest. Shannon is DMin candidate at Abilene Christian University with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation. Her areas of study are vocation and practice of children’s ministry, children’s spiritual formation, contemplative practices with children, family ministry, women in ministry, and congregational ministry. Shannon serves as a partner with Hope Network Ministries and offers a variety of resources and workshops for congregational leaders and volunteers. Shannon loves good coffee, her family, and a weekend of Netflix binging.