Mission Statement

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The guiding principal of the Department of Business Administration is that professional life in the business world should be viewed as a calling, one that not only yields potential material reward and self-fulfillment, but also carries important spiritual, ethical, and social responsibilities. Accordingly, the mission of the Department of Business Administration is to prepare students for their callings as professionals in accounting, computer information systems, and other business-related fields. This mission will be accomplished through

  • teaching the body of knowledge that is commonly understood to form the foundation of business as a field of learning;
  • cultivating students' analytical abilities and communication skills;
  • training students in the technologies commonly used in their envisioned professional roles;
  • facilitating opportunities for practical pre-professional applications of the common body of knowledge through meaningful internship experiences;
  • emphasizing the importance of ethical thinking and behavior;
  • highlighting the potential of business in particular, and the free enterprise system in general, to advance personal and socioeconomic well-being; and
  • upholding Jesus Christ by example and exhortation.
Last Updated: Jun 23, 2015