Student Teacher Evaluation Form - Summative

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Rate the overall abilities of the individual in his/her role as a student teacher this semester
Above Avg.
Below Avg.
Not Observed
Domain I. Student Participation
1. Engaged in learning
2. Successful in learning
3. Critical thinking/problem solving
4. Connects learning
Domain II. Learner Centered Instruction
1. Goals and objectives
2. Learner centered
3. Critical thinking/problem solving
4. Motivational strategies
5. Instructional strategies
6. Pacing/sequencing
7. Value and importance
8. Appropriate questioning/inquiry
9. Use of technology
Domain III. Evaluation and Feedback
1. Monitored and assessed
2. Assessment and instruction aligned
3. Learning reinforced
4. Constructive feedback
5. Relearning and reevaluation
Domain IV. Management
1. Discipline problems
2. Equitable teacher-student interaction
3. Expectations for behavior
4. Redirects disruptive behavior
5. Reinforces desired behavior
6. Manages time and material
Domain V. Professional Communication
1. Written with students
2. Verbal/nonverbal with students
3. Reluctant students
4. Supportive, courteous
Domain VI. Professional Development
1. Engages in professional development
2. Works collaboratively with others
Domain VII. Compliance with Policies
1. Follow policies, procedures, legal req.

Last Updated: May 01, 2015