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6-Word Stories

  1. Slytherin robes. For sale. Slightly singed.  (Hudson Lee)
  2. “Yer a wizard, Luke!” – Wrong movie.  (Anonymous)
  3. Climate change is real. Ocean mad.  (Anonymous)

Spell Writing

  1. Petrificus Partialus. [To make an enemy’s arm or leg fall asleep]
  2. Logos Osmosis. [To gain knowledge from a book by touching it] (Samantha Gilchriest)
  3. Instrumentalis Acceptorum. [Transfigures a CofC person to a Baptist Pentacostal] (Luke Shelburne)

The Quibbler Headlines

  1. Ringless girl terrified as spring draws near!! (Michael Pugh)
  2. Breaking News. Students found selling Gillyweed at the Writing Carnival (Lizzy Woody)
  3. ButterBeer Not a Tier 1 Infraction. (Ethan Blackstone)

Haiku Challenge

  1. Aubrey Wilson:
    Give me a hero.
    I’ll write you a tragedy.
    Good tales end like this.

  2. Sarah Fantinel
    Reading HP at
    seven. Cold. Still no coffee.
    What we do for love.

  3. Renee Rhodes
    Kecia wails and moans.
    Abby takes Josh in a duel.
    This is all normal.


Caption Contest

Neville Longbottom
  1. Lizzy Woody:
  2. Ashton Darrow:
    You v. The guy she told you not to worry about.
  3. Cody Harvey:
    ACU v. LCU.
  4. Max Small:
Harry and Ron looking into a crystal ball
  1. Andres Reyes
    When she says she needs to find a guy like you, but you are a guy like you.
  2. Jenna
    When coach talks at 6 AM practices.
  3. Keaton Howerton
    Waiting for the “class is cancelled” email like:
Harry and Hermione Dancing
  1. Zach Williams
    “So, is this your first time at Wild West?”
  2. Kamy
    “Leave room for Jesus.”
  3. Mitchell Cochran
Voldemort Holding a sign
  1. Sarah Fantinel
    Free Hugs
  2. Tabitha Topp
    And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while . . . .
  3. Isabella Sifuentes
    Proactive Changed My Life
  4. Aubrey Wilson
    Walking into my group presentation ready to wing it . . . .