Scholarships for Engineers

We have agreements with TTU Engineering and WTAMU Engineering to ensure your smooth transition into engineering school after you finish the LCU program. Talk with your advisor about the specific field of engineering you would like to enter and visit these programs websites to get more information.

Learn about what WTAMU Engineering offers and to get help in transferring to WTAMU.

Learn about the different fields of engineering from TTU.

TTU Community College & Transfer Relations to get help in transferring to TTU.

More Scholarships for Engineers:

For new students: MaPS Scholars Program

What if I want to stay here longer?

  1. You may continue to stay at LCU while you attend TTU engineering. You may continue to live in the dorms, eat in the caf, use the rec center, medical services, participate in club, etc…while completing your 2 years of engineering at TTU. Talk to your advisor for details.
  2. Many of our engineering majors want to remain an LCU student, so they change major to Math or Chemistry and then go on to get a masters in engineering after receiving their bachelors from LCU. This is possible at TTU or WTAMU.