If you are interested in nursing but you do not have your RN there is a way to get there from here!

The recent partnership with Covenant School of Nursing provides you a plan for the completion of your license to work as an RN and on to completion of the BSN degree at LCU!

Year One-Apply to LCU and complete the 8 pre-requisite courses for Covenant School of Nursing and then apply for admission to Covenant School of Nursing for August or January admission

Year Two- Attend two semesters at Covenant School of Nursing, and you also have option to take additional 3 core courses at LCU during summer break from Covenant School of Nursing

Year Three-Complete two semesters and graduate at Covenant School of Nursing, take the NCLEX-RN (licensing exam for registered nurses) and begin working as a registered nurse

Year Four-Take the RN-BSN courses, and graduate from LCU with your BSN degree

Please contact Donna Harman, Pre-Nursing Advisor at donna.harman@lcu.edu for more information on our Pre-nursing programs or consult the LCU Catalog.

Links to area schools of nursing:

Covenant School of Nursing, cson.covenanthealth.org

South Plains College, www.southplainscollege.edu