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In this image the young girl is assisting a monarch caterpillar onto a page from the Bible she is reading because both the girl and monarch are aware that this world can only "offer" to give us things, but fail to keep their promise.  With that in mind they both seem to anticipate the rustling pages of the New Testament and realize the hope found within them.  The wind has picked up and is beginning to carry away these rustling pages. There are other caterpillars in the leaves of the tree in this image.  The leaves of this tree are shaped like book pages (which will be a theme throughout the 3 walls).



In this scene the young girl is carefully inspecting a small monarch chrysalis attached to a milkweed plant.  As the scene progresses to the right the milkweed leaves become "pages" and start to fly away, carrying with them even more monarch chrysalises.  This scene highlights the full-fledged rustling of the pages of the New Testament.  The chrysalis is a symbol of the caterpillar starting to find it's way to the right side of the door.  He has begun to "put on glory".  The wind carries the pages and chrysalises to the next scene.



Here we find the young girl assisting a monarch into the pond where other monarchs have found their way to be "united with beauty, to pass into it" and to "bathe in it".  The only way they made it to this point is because they were once on the wrong side of the door as caterpillars.  Their obvious transformation has brought them true glory.