Graduate Leadership

Master of Science in Leadership students will obtain a knowledge of the literature in the discipline and apply appropriate research, professional practice, and/or training experiences in leadership. LEA 6301 is capstone course, which must be taken in last term and a grade of A or B must be earned to receive degree.


  • Kathy Crockett, Ph.D., Program Coordinator
  • Mondy Brewer, Ph.D.
  • James Wood, Ph.D.

Master of Science in Leadership

(36 hours)

  • LEA6301  Integrative Project in Organizational Leadership
  • LEA6302  Organizational Theory and Practice
  • LEA6303  Strategic Planning
  • LEA6304  Leading Organizations
  • LEA6305  Conflict Management for Leaders
  • LEA6306  Leaders and Values
  • LEA6308  Emotional Intelligence
  • LEA6312  Servant Leadership
  • LEA6314  Leading Organizational Change
  • LEA6318  Leading Teams
  • LEA6320  Communication for Leaders
  • LEA6322  Global and Cultural Leadership