Honors College

The University Honors College provides students of high academic ability in all majors an opportunity to enhance their college educational experience with challenging and provocative courses as well as opportunities for cultural enrichment, semester internships, and study abroad programs. Honors faculty, the honors director, the provost, and the honors student representatives comprise the Honors Advisory Council, which makes policy and offers guidance to the program. Elected students comprise the Student Honors Advisory Council, which plans and executes extracurricular activities, including luncheons, service projects, and cultural events.


  • Additional honors academic scholarships
  • Intellectually challenging interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Small classes with the honors professors
  • Distinctive transcript and diploma designation as Honors Scholar
  • Research presentation and publishing opportunities
  • Participation in local, regional, and national conferences
  • Priority access to study abroad opportunities
  • Priority placement in prestigious semester internship programs
  • Eligibility for prominent graduate studies fellowships
  • Enhanced opportunities for graduate and professional school


  • Council on Undergraduate Research
  • National Collegiate Honors Council
  • Great Plains Honors Council
  • National Association of Fellowship Advisors
  • The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars


  • Stacy Patty, Ph.D., Director
  • Amanda Boston, Ph.D.
  • Cathy Box, Ph.D.
  • Tim Byars, J.D.
  • Carole Carroll, Ph.D.
  • Russell Dabbs, Ph.D.
  • Kregg Fehr, Ph.D.
  • Jennifer Hardin, Ph.D.
  • Yvonne Harwood, M.A.
  • Kenneth Hawley, Ph.D.
  • James Henson, M.A.
  • Steven Lemley, Ph.D.
  • Byron Rogers, Ph.D.
  • Mark Sneed, Ph.D.

Admission Requirements

Applications for the honors program must complete the online honors program application. Acceptance in the honors program is based on the following criteria:

First-Time Freshmen:

  • ACT composite score of 27 or higher or SAT total score of 1210 or higher on the critical reading and quantitative sections.

Transfer Students:

  • ACT composite score of 27 or higher or SAT total score of 1210 or higher on the critical reading and quantitative sections, and an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher; or
  • Completion of 12-15 honors hours from a two-year college honors program with an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Current Students

  • ACT composite score of 25 or higher or SAT total score of 1150 or higher on the critical reading and quantitative sections; and
  • Written recommendation of a faculty member to the honors director.

Honors applicants who meet these criteria are offered admission into the honors program and an honors scholarship. Scholarship award amounts are determined after a review of the honors application package.

Honors Curriculum

Honors students enter the University Honors Program, which is open to students of any major. The program consists of 30 hours of required honors credit.

Honors Curriculum (51 hours)

  • BIB1320  Introduction to the New Testament
  • HON3306  Vocation and Life
  • HON3304  Old Testament Seminar
  • BIB3305  Christian Heritage
  • HON3340  Communication for the Professional
  • ENG1301  Composition Studies
  • 3 hours from
    • HON1302  Writing About Literature
    • HON2301  Literature and Life
  • 3 hours from
    • PSY
    • SOC
  • 3 hours from
    • HON2306  History of the US II
    • HON3352  History of Science/Technology/Environmentalism
  • 3 hours from
    • HON2310  Macroeconomics
    • HON3352  National Government
    • HON3352  Geography and Humanity
  • ESS1200  Personal Fitness and Wellness
  • MAT1311  College Algebra
  • 3 hours from
    • CHE1307H  General Chemistry
    • HON2352  Engaging Contemporary Science
  • HON3354  Philosophy Seminar
  • 3 hours from
    • HON4354  Honors Seminar
    • HONUD  Contract Course in Major
  • 3 hours from
    • HON4380  Senior Research
    • HONUD  Capstone Research in Major
  • 3 hours from AFA, ART, Fine Arts History, ENG, REL, FOL, or BIL
  • UNI1170  University Seminar
  • UNI2000  University Skills

Advanced Credit for Honors Courses

Students who enter the honors program will receive advanced standing credit as follows.

  • English 1301. Automatic credit if students have earned at least a 28 on the English portion of the ACT or 670 on the critical reading portion of the SAT.
  • English 1302. Contingent credit is given if students have earned at least 28 on the English portion of the ACT or 670 on the SAT Critical Reading test, or have earned credit for ENG 1301 by taking it prior to admission to the university, or by passing the ENG 1301 CLEP test. Students who pass the honors core English course, HON 2301, with a grade of B or better will receive credit for English 1302 as well. Students who do not earn a B or better in HON 2301 must enroll in ENG 1302 in a subsequent semester.
  • English 1301 and 1302. Credit is given for a pass rate of 80% or better on the Freshman College Composition CLEP exam. Students who do not have at least a 28 on the English portion of the ACT have the option to take these examinations.
  • Math 1311. Automatic credit if students have earned at least a 28 on the math portion of the ACT or 670 on the Math portion of the SAT.

Transfer Policy

Only courses that are accepted as honors credit will apply toward the 30 hour honors course requirement. Students with 60 or more hours of credit must complete a minimum of 15 hours of honors courses offered at the university.