Undergraduate Admission Standards

Lubbock Christian University is open to all persons regardless of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, or disabled condition who are otherwise eligible for admission as students. To be considered for admission to distance education programs, the university must have prior state authorization to enroll students in the applicant state of residence. The university may exercise due diligence and deny admission to otherwise qualified individuals who have a history that indicates their presence might endanger members of the university community. In all university educational programs and activities, students are treated without discrimination in their participation. To be considered for admission, an application for admission must be completed and submitted with payment of the non-refundable $25 application fee. Beginning freshmen and transfer students must apply by June 1st for summer or fall entry and December 1st for spring entry. Applications received after the deadline will be considered if space allows. Admitted freshmen must confirm their intention to enroll by remitting a non-refundable $200 tuition advance, which will be applied to their initial tuition bill. Deadlines for remittance of the tuition advance are June 1st for summer or fall entry, December 1st for spring entry, or prior to registration, whichever comes first. Students accepted after the deadline must remit the tuition advance within two weeks of the date of the acceptance letter or prior to registration, whichever comes first. State law requires the meningitis vaccine for students, which must be received at least 10 days before but not more than 5 years before the first day of class. Students 22 or older by the first day of class are exempt from meningitis vaccine requirement. See www.lcu.edu/meningitis for more information. Documents establishing eligibility for admission must be official. Further information can be obtained by calling 1-806-720-7151 or 1-800-933-7601. The Admissions FAX number is 1-806-720-7162. The undergraduate admissions e-mail address is admissions@lcu.edu.

Unconditional Admission

Beginning freshmen

  • Composite score of 18 or higher on the ACT or a total score of 860 or higher on the SAT critical reading and math sections
  • Graduated from an accredited high school, completed a home school secondary curriculum, or passed the General Education Development (GED) with a minimum average score of 45 or higher

Transfers with 15 or fewer hours of credit

  • Composite score of 18 or higher on the ACT or a total score of 860 or higher on the SAT critical reading and math sections
  • Graduated from an accredited high school, completed a home school secondary curriculum, or passed the GED with a minimum average of 45
  • 2.00 or higher GPA for hours attempted

Transfers with 16 or more hours of credit

  • 2.00 or higher GPA for 0-89 hours attempted
  • 2.25 or higher GPA for 90+ hours attempted

Online Degree Completion Programs

  • Official transcripts providing evidence of at least 60 transferable academic credits
  • Completion of ENG 1301 and 1302 or equivalent
  • 2.1 or higher GPA for 60-89 hours
  • 2.25 or higher GPA for 90+ hours attempted
  • Essay describing personal career goals and interest in the university
  • Resume

Conditional Admission

Applicants whose academic records do not meet the standards for Unconditional Admission may be admitted to the university under the following circumstances.

  • Freshmen who scored between 16 and 17 on the ACT or 760-850 on the combined score for critical reading and math on the SAT.
  • Transfer students with 15 or fewer hours of credit from an accredited college or university who scored between 16 and 17 on the ACT or 760-850 on the combined score of critical reading and math on the SAT.

Stipulations applying to the conditionally admitted students during the first semester of enrollment are as follows.

  • Enroll in no more than 14 semester hours
  • Must meet with their academic advisor at least twice during the semester
  • Conditions such as tutoring or other supplemental measures may be added by academic advisor

Violation of stipulations is cause for dismissal. Students admitted conditionally will be removed from academic restrictions by achieving the cumulative grade point average required for good academic standing.

Special Admission

Applicants not meeting standards for unconditional admission may appeal, in writing, for special admission. Applicants admitted on appeal are admitted on academic probation. Terms of probation will be determined by admissions appeal committee.


Students who withdraw from the university or are not enrolled for one full semester, must submit a new application for admission, a new health form, and a transcript from each school attended in the interim. Students who were suspended for academic deficiency may apply for readmission to the university after one long semester.

Temporary Admission

Students who are not seeking a degree may be admitted with a temporary status, but they are limited to nine hours of undergraduate work during an enrollment period. The student will be allowed to complete up to 12 hours of undergraduate work unless they are seeking a degree at another university. When students reach this 12 hour limit, they must apply for unconditional admission. Students applying for temporary admission must re-apply for each enrollment period.

Concurrent Admission

The university has an agreement with Texas Tech University and with South Plains College that allows students enrolled in one institution to register concurrently in the other institution. Freshmen cannot concurrently register without permission from the appropriate academic dean. Texas Tech or South Plains College students seeking a concurrent course at the university must apply through the admissions office. Students seeking concurrent enrollment at another institution must give prior notification to the registrar before applying.

International Student Admission

This school is authorized under federal law to enroll international students. The following items must be submitted to the admissions office before the university can issue an I-20 to international students.

  • Completed application for admission
  • Recent photograph
  • Copy of passport
  • Completed health form
  • Immunization Record demonstrating required immunizations
  • Transcripts–an international student must have an official English translation of transcripts for secondary school and university/college courses completed. Note: a student who has completed college level work in a foreign country is required to submit an academic evaluation done by a reputable educational consulting service. The admissions office will be glad to provide the necessary contact information upon request.
  • Application Fee–nonrefundable fee of $25
  • Prepayment–each student must pay a $200 non-refundable tuition advance prior to registering for classes and make final payment for the first semester tuition, fees, room, and board by the 10th day of classes. Payment should be made to the student account advisor in the Business Office.
  • Verification of Source of Support: Satisfactory evidence of financial resources must be established, which includes a financial statement for the last six months and an affidavit of support.
  • TOEFL English Language Test–minimum composite score of 525 on the written version or a 71 on the internet-based test must be achieved for admission. A score of 5.5 or higher on the IELTS will be accepted in place of the TOEFL.
  • Signed F-1 Status Contract
  • Statement of Purpose–a personal essay describing their career goals and why they want to study at the university.
  • Professional Recommendation–recommendation should come from a high school or college teacher or counselor
  • Personal Recommendation–recommendation should come from a minister or some other professional who is well acquainted with the applicant.
  • International students without previous college work will be required to take the ACT or SAT exam. International students may be required to take English and math placement tests prior to registration to determine placement in those courses. International students assume complete responsibility for their health care expenses. Students are considered to be maintaining status if they are making acceptable progress toward the completion of a degree.

International Students from English Speaking Countries

English-speaking applicants from native English-speaking countries, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the British Caribbean Islands, Canada, Ireland, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Kenya are not required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores. The TOEFL or IELTS requirement will be waived for students scoring 430 or above on the SAT Critical Reading test or 18 or above on the ACT English test.

Cooperative Program with Lubbock Christian High School

High school students at Lubbock Christian High School may earn up to 20 semester hours of college credit at the university. For more information about this program and the courses being offered, students should contact the School Counselor, Lubbock Christian High School, 2604 Dover Ave., Lubbock, Texas, 79407, 806-796-8700.