Family Life Educator Specialization

The Family Life Educator specialization of the online Master of Science in Human Services at Lubbock Christian University gives you the skills to help address and prevent family problems before they begin and rebuild families that are already in turmoil. Upon graduation, students who choose this specialization will be prepared to pursue CFLE certification that can be applied in a number of nonprofit and rehabilitative career fields.

As a human services professional working in family life education, you may pursue a career as a family support worker, a career focused on helping families determine if they are eligible for federal and state assistance programs. Another popular profession is a case manager, who supports dysfunctional families or individuals in creating a better quality of life by coping with complicated situations in the best possible way.

Other popular career paths for the Family Life Education Specialization are:

  • Child, Family, and School Case Worker
  • Child Advocate
  • Family Resource Management Specialist
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Family Life Educator

A Preventative Approach to Family Relations

In the Family Life Educator specialization, you will learn how to address the needs of both children and parents and help families deal with potentially disruptive issues before they break down family bonds. Dysfunctional families may need help working through a wide array of challenges. There are often situations with parents suffering from unemployment, debt, and overwhelming financial challenges that disrupt the possibility of healthy family functioning, in which a Family Life Educator can assist the family with budgeting, home economic science, and creating a financial plan to reduce stress and move the family toward employment and economic success. Or, graduates may work with a family whose parenting skills are deficient or who require intervention. There are also many dysfunctional families facing family violence, child neglect, spousal and child abuse, or substance abuse issues for which Family Life Educators must understand the psychopathology of families to provide commensurate guidance.

With this unique specialization, you will learn tactics for assisting families through various types of dysfunction. You'll also master family budgeting and planning skills to help families grow and thrive together.

The Family Life Educator specialization is a 15-credit-hour program that includes these online courses, as well as the 21 credit hours of core courses.

Specialization Outcomes

By learning ways to prevent family problems before they begin and assisting families already in crisis, you will find yourself in a career that is not only personally rewarding, but one that is making a huge impact on the lives of others. The Family Life Education specialization prepares graduates to work with who are dealing with a range of challenges:

  • Marriage and family issues
  • Different types of domestic violence
  • Issues of child protection
  • Forms of abuse (child abuse, child neglect, elder abuse, spousal abuse, physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse)
  • Troubled youth
  • Parents struggling to improve their parenting skills
  • Children with eating disorders, behavioral problems, ADD, OCD, and other disorders

With a family life education specialization, you will be helping to make life-changing improvements in the lives of families and children who are going through difficult situations.