Designed to prepare students for advanced study of the biblical text, the M.A. degree in Biblical Interpretation equips students with study tools for in-depth textual analysis and for further graduate study.


Master of Arts in Biblical Interpretation Degree Plan (48 total hours)

BIB 6300 Introduction to Graduate Studies
BIB 6301 Introduction to the New Testament
BIB 6302 Hermeneutics
BIB 6310 Introduction to the Old Testament
BIB 12 hours
BIL 6311 Elementary Greek 1 or BIL 6314 Elementary Hebrew 1
BIL 6312 Elementary Greek 2 or BIL 6315 Elementary Hebrew 2
BIL 3 hours from readings
BIH 3 hours
MIN 6062 Comprehensive Examination
REL 6334 Christian History and Theology 1
REL 6335 Christian History and Theology 2
6 hours from Electives